Finding My Sustainable Style

Finding My Sustainable Style | Curiously Conscious

Finding My Sustainable Style | Curiously Conscious
Finding My Sustainable Style | Curiously Conscious

Finding My Sustainable Style | Curiously Conscious

I don’t want to be too hasty, but I think I’ve finally found my sustainable style!

After starting this year with the aim of creating a capsule wardrobe, I’ve gotten soooo stuck on defining my style. I want to have a classic wardrobe, but the typical stuff just doesn’t excite me!

In The Curated Closet, the ultimate to creating a capsule wardrobe, it explains how important it is to define your style and what suits your body. It’s not about choosing “minimalist” items – that’s such a stereotype when it comes to capsule wardrobes.

For example, you may find a black blazer would be an essential item in your wardrobe, but do you want it to have rolled sleeves? Shoulder pads? What about the buttons? It’s all about the details, which define your style and act as an emblem of yourself.

Dressing My Way

This outfit feels like I’ve hit my stride when it comes to my style. First: I earned these garments, selecting them a while ago and working hard in order to afford them. Second: they’re sustainably made, which I’ll go into shortly. And third: they feel like an expression of myself.

Over the last six months I’ve tried playing around with my style: going androgynous in my ethical t-shirt guide, and then super girly in my LBD guide. But I think in my day-to-day, I want something laid back, comfortable, with simple yet feminine detailing.

Looks Good, Feels Good, Does Good

This outfit is both feminine and basic, which is exactly what I like. I feel good wearing it, and enjoyed taking it out for it’s first spin last week to Hood Dinners, a supper club with inspiring female speakers too!

My new Mud Jeans hug my figure, are comfortable to wear, and they’re the perfect brushed light blue.

The top from Nude Ethics is a simple white tee, with a line drawing of a feminine torso and fruit – and you know what I’m like when it comes to line drawings!

The belt is an old second-hand leather belt I found in a charity shop a while ago, the earrings are handmade recycled silver from Wild Fawn and my sandals are three-year-old vegan leather from Matt + Nat.

Circular in Nature

I was going to use this outfit for a guide to ethical denim (and I still might at a later date!) but for now, I wanted to highlight the love and care that went into these Mud Jeans.

When I’ve spoken to friends about ethical jeans before, the usual names come up: Hiut, Nudie, G Star Raw. All have great ethics, but I’ve always had Mud on my radar as one that pairs style and substance.

The Dutch brand designs their timeless collection with a circular foresight: they want their jeans to be lived in, and then re-worked into another pair when it’s time to part. They’re made in Portugal, using a mix of recycled denim and organic cotton, and after meeting some of the Mud Team at an exhibition in London, I can say they’re both super passionate, and super committed to making jeans to be lived in, loved, and then reworked into another pair.

This pair – the Skinny Hazen High Waisters in Sea Stone – are already a new best friend in my wardrobe. I just need the weather to get a little cooler now…

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