Curiously Conscious is 4!

Curiously Conscious is 4! | Curiously Conscious

Happy birthday to my dearest blog! It’s been four years, thousands of words, and hundreds of amazing discoveries that have truly made this blog what it is today.

(If I’m totally honest with you, it was my blog’s birthday on Monday… but this post has taken a lot of organisation!)

The Highlights

Across these 1400+ days, there’s been some particularly brilliant days. The blog started as a food diary, documenting the changes to my diet when I was living in Paris, and moving towards a more sustainable diet. I was obsessed with agriculture (I know, right?!) and that was the springboard into living a conscious lifestyle. Organic food becomes organic clothing, local produce equals fair labour. Everything is connected – and these top ten posts highlight the diversity of the journey I’ve taken so far…

1. New Beginnings

The first post that started it all… And it’s surprising how closely I’ve stuck to the themes I listed in the beginning too!

2. My DIY Juice Cleanse

One of my most popular posts is my juice cleanse plan. I created the plan after being unable to afford commercial cleanses, and with it I not only saved money, but also saved on lots of plastic bottles, and got a juicer too!

3. Me + My Mooncup

I wrote this post because periods shouldn’t be taboo, and neither should the materials we need to manage them. I switched to a Mooncup in 2016 and have never looked back!

4. Ethical Women’s Shoes

Another popular post, and one of my more recent. After spending so much time looking for ethical shoes, I knew I had to write a guide – because they may be few and far between, but there are plenty out there when you find them!

5. Why is My Coconut Water Pink?!

Ever had pink coconut water? After spotting how my water was going a pretty pink if I left it for some time, I decided to investigate…

6. 25 Harmful Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

One of the beauty guides I still refer to when shopping. It’s hard to discern what makes a beauty product “natural”, but thankfully there’s more and more certification out there. Look for the Leaping Bunny (cruelty-free) and Soil Association (organic) symbols if you need more guidance.

7. My Trip to Amsterdam

I’m still something of an amateur traveller, but my trip to Amsterdam in 2016 was a real highlight. I love discovering different cultures and this visit certainly sparked my love for cycling in the city again!

8. How To Be Your Own Boss (Mindfully)

In November of last year, I went full time with the blog! It was a terrifyingly exciting step, and has proved to be equally challenging and rewarding. I can’t believe I’m close to clocking in my first year of working for myself – it’s been a blast!

9. Recipes to Fight Food Waste

I was honoured to be invited by the UN World Food Programme to share my food waste recipes. Their campaign, #RecipeForDisaster highlights how lucky we are to have so much food around us, and how to genuinely make the most of it.

10. Growing the Ethical Community

Finally, my pride and joy this year was to start Ethical Influencers. Our network, while only two months, has already bloomed into a warm, welcoming community sharing topics that make us better people, and provide for a better planet too.

A Gift for You

As you probably know, I love a good giveaway. That’s why I’ve put together the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done, to celebrate turning four. There are 50 – yes, 50 – products up for grabs in a giant hamper, all going to one lucky reader…

4th Birthday Giveaway | Curiously Conscious

In the giveaway, there is:

  • Mildreds Vegan Cookbook
  • Lux Felt London Bag
  • Old Spike Benedict Blend Coffee
  • Cossac Well Made Tee in Small
  • Geo Mitchell Bath Salts x 2
  • REN Skincare Lactic Acid Face Mask
  • Dr Organic Kale Superfood Moisturiser
  • Dr Organic Coffee Superfood Exfoliator
  • Urban Veda Hydrating Toner
  • Noughty Detox Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Fiorelli Beaded Charm Bracelet
  • Cocunat Anti-Ageing Cream
  • Geo Mitchell Essential Oil
  • Aurelia Probiotic Glow Serum
  • Isla Apothecary Foot Scrub
  • John Masters Organics Scalp Shampoo
  • Laidbare Guess My Age Cream
  • Buy Me Once & Joy Everley Squirrel Necklace
  • L’Odaïtès Gentle Polyphenol Exfoliator
  • Joik Refreshing Facial Toner
  • Aveda Lipstick in Guava
  • Aveda Lipstick in Watermelon
  • Kay Reed Shark Necklace
  • Bare Origin Oil Samples x 5
  • Bare Origin Wild Rosehip Oil
  • The Beauty Archive Lip Tint in Sophisticated
  • Inika Cream Eye Shadow in Champagne
  • Madara Skincare Samples x 3
  • John Masters Organics Samples x 2
  • Aveda Lip Pencil in Loomi
  • Aveda Lip Pencil in Bayberry
  • Balm Balm Rosehip Balm
  • Walden Natural Rollerball Perfume
  • FOM Hydrating Serum
  • Khus + Khus Detox Face Serum
  • Inlight Beauty Samples x 4
  • Inika Powder Foundation Sample
  • Soothe Me Almond & Mango Butter
  • Divine Dark Chocolate

To enter, head on over to my Instagram, give me a follow, like the photo, and tag a friend. Each tag counts as an entry, so the more the merrier! My giveaway is open to the UK only (sorry if you’re outside of the UK, the postage would be too hefty!) and closes at midnight on 17.8.18. Good luck!


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