Luxe Natural Skincare That’s Worth The Splurge

Luxe Natural Skincare That's Worth The Splurge | Curiously Conscious

Art of Bam Argan OilKjaer Weis Lip Balm | Curiously Conscious
Kjaer Weis Lip Balm | Curiously Conscious

As somewhat of a self-proclaimed skincare enthusiast, it’s actually surprising that it’s taken me almost four years to write about luxury natural products!

The time has finally come to divulge what I love to use when I’m feeling truly luxurious… and a few that have crept into my daily skincare routine too.

Bare Origin Pure Rose Toner

Despite the £15 price tag, Bare Origin Skincare is what I would class as a premium brand. Founder Nena is passionate about the power of botanicals, and their range of oils combines style with substance. I’ve been loving their Pure Rose Toner to mist my face after cleansing, and as a daytime top-up during this strong summer heat. Made from wild-harvested Morroccan rose, the mist helps to reduce inflammation and creates a base for my serums and oils to glide on.

Absolution Hydrating Serum

As a partial French speaker, I love it when I discover natural beauty products with French names. Absolution’s Le Serum Anti-Soif just rolls off the tongue, and it also is a dream to apply. More like a gel than a cream, it only takes one light pump of their antioxidant-rich serum to cover the entire face and dry in an instant. It’s been a real pleasure to use in the summer, with a refreshing feel and sebum-busting formula too.

Art of Bam Hibiscus-infused Argan Oil

I think face oils may just edge moisturisers when it comes to skincare, and Art of Bam’s Oil 1.1 is one of the best. The pure, rich organic argan oil has been solar-infused with sweet-yet-savoury hibiscus to create a lightweight oil perfect for face, body, and hair.

The high price-tag for Art of Bam’s argan oil reflects the purity of ingredients, the small-batch production, and the long-lasting nature. I have been using this oil for a few months now, and I’ve used barely 10% of the bottle. For me, three drops works for my face, four for my legs, and four more in wet hair.

REN Skincare Primer

REN Skincare’s Perfect Canvas Primer keeps the top spot as the only natural primer I’ve tried that genuinely works. It’s definitely a premium product, but considering it doesn’t contain any glycols and makes skin super smooth after applying toner, serum, and oil, it’s worth it. I like to apply it over my face when wearing foundation, and especially my eyelids for eye shadow, using the Eco Tools Primer Brush (or their Skin Perfecting Brush in a pinch).

Kjaer Weis Lip Balm

Some days, skincare is all I need. To finish off the polished, dewy look from all of these products, I like to use Kjaer Weis’ Lip Balm. Not only natural, it’s also a joy to use: coming in an elegant metal case, it slides open in a really satisfying way, and has a refillable slot for the balm when you run out.

The balm is made from beeswax along with sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, to give it a smooth, instantly moist feeling without any stickiness. It smells divine, and it sinks into my lips so easily. It’s one item never leave the house without!

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