The Timeless LBD: How To Find Yours

The Timeless LBD: How To Find Yours | Curiously Conscious
The Timeless LBD: How To Find Yours | Curiously Conscious
The Timeless LBD: How To Find Yours | Curiously Conscious
The Timeless LBD: How To Find Yours | Curiously Conscious

I’ve been so excited to show off my new LBD for a while now, and finally the time has come! In an effort to curate my capsule wardrobe, I’ve started by listing out the essentials.

First, the white t-shirt; something you can dress up, dress down, even pair with a dungaree dress. Second: the Little Black Dress.

Why The LBD Is A Classic

For anyone who’s into fashion etiquette, the LBD heralds from the days of Coco Chanel and was an instant hit in the 1920’s. The design at the time was a simple, elegant black dress that could be worn in the daytime and with jewellery in the evening.

Nowadays, the appeal of a black dress remains, but modern designs have given us more freedom to express ourselves – and I love that!

How To Choose The Perfect LBD

As with any piece in a capsule wardrobe, it takes a little bit more time and planning to pick the best item for you. I’ve had a few black dresses in the past, but they were all really a passing phase:

  • The shoulderless high-necked dress was perfect for that 60’s night, and that 60’s night only…
  • My kimono-sleeved black dress was made out of such poor material that it sagged in all the wrong places.

Ahh, I really don’t miss fast fashion.

First off, I thought about my body shape and what really suits me. I love skater skirts, and anything with a bit floaty, so that was a must. I’m also a little smaller on top, so I quite like a round-neck and covered back, bringing attention to my legs instead!

Knowing the best silhouette for me made narrowing down the options easy. I knew the cut, and obviously the colour, so it was just about visiting my favourite ethical brands!

The Best Ethical Brands for LBDs

In this instance, my favourite dress came from the mother of ethical fashion: People Tree*. I actually ended up sourcing it from People Tree’s collection*, where it was 50% off (and still is if you’re quick – total win!)

It has delicate embroidery on the chest and arms, which make a pretty little addition to a somewhat simple style. The dress is incredibly well-made, with beautiful buttons on the sleeves and two bows on the back. Plus the linen drapes perfectly, and swoops around without lifting the sewn-in camisole.

The other places I looked for black dresses were:

  • Know The Origin – I actually already have their bodycon black dress – another classic!
  • Nandinoo* – Handmade linen dresses out of a fairy tale
  • Stella McCartney* – I mean, I’m dreaming if I say I can afford them…
  • Vestiaire Collective* – Vintage dresses that Coco may have even worn herself
  • Vetta* – Dresses from their carefully curated capsule collections

Take Off The Last Accessory You Put On…

With another nod to Coco Chanel, I paired my dress with only two accessories: my gifted Kashka earrings, and a pair of second-hand black flats.

First, the earrings. I had the pleasure of meeting Naqiyah, the Founder of Kashka, twice in the last few months. After becoming a trained Gemologist, she learnt that not everything that glitters is gold… And has created her ethical jewellery to counter that. Her collection is tasteful, high quality, well-priced, and I truly do love my pair of rose gold earrings.

Having recently given up on heels (they’re uncomfortable, difficult to walk in, and just plain unflattering half the time), I sorted through Oxfam’s shoe section* to find this pair of Clarks lace-up shoes, à la Alexa Chung. They’re a total hit with all my other clothes too!

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items (denoted 'gifted') and affiliate links (denoted '*')


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