Fair Gifts for Father’s Day

Fair Gifts for Father's Day | Curiously Conscious

Next Sunday is Father’s Day (in the UK), and I thought it might be nice to put a few suggestions together as to what to get the special men in your life! From your own father, grandfather, father-in-law, or even the father of your child… It’s a time to celebrate those familial bonds.

In the last few years, my dad and I have grown quite close, and it’s a relationship that I really value. In a lot of ways we’re very similar, and he’s always there to talk to when I need a bit of advice. From the memories of us playing football in the back garden, to learning algebra at the kitchen table, to sleeping in the car as he drove us home from holidays… He’s a good guy!

For Father’s Day, I usually get him an array of small gifts that mean something more than the item itself. One year it was his favourite Middle Eastern foods, and as a joke gift I once made a slideshow of photos I’ve collected of him over the years and narrated his terrible outfit choices and poses…


Fair Gift Ideas for Father's Day | Curiously Conscious

Clockwise from top left: 1. Eco Bird Feeder, 2. Elvis & Kresse Firehose Wallet, 3. Bare Origin Pure Argan Oil, 4. Cloth Project Navy T-shirt, 5. Paperchase FSC Card, 6. Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet, 7. Alternative Apparel Eco-Fleece Set, 8. KeepCup 8oz, 9. Chilly’s Silver Bottle

For The Groomers

I thought bath and beauty products would be a good place to start – they’re quite a nice gift to give to guys, as most won’t buy them for themselves (other than the usual deodorant, body wash, and after shave!)

My Guide to Men’s Skincare is a great place to start if you’re looking for natural brands and items he’ll genuinely use (and maybe even convert to). One product I recently introduced my boyfriend to is Bare Origin’s Pure Argan Oil, which can be used on the face after washing. He says his skin has never been clearer, and I too love using it!

If you prefer to get a gift set, my top picks have to be Seascape’s Homme Shave Set, a beautiful collection made with natural essential oils.

For The Foodies

For wannabe chefs and gastronomy lovers, the gift of food is a must! I love food, and I especially love tinkering in the kitchen when I get the time. My current wishlist includes a Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet so I can make baked eggs for Sunday brunch. A really nice idea would be to pair a skillet (or another kitchen item) with a few ingredients and recipe card, so you also give the gift of a new meal to try!

For The Workaholics

I think gifts should suit the receiver, and also fit well into their life. If the guy you’re buying for works hard, commutes or travels a lot, there’s nothing nicer than something a little luxurious to accompany him. My personal pick would be the Elvis & Kresse Firehose Wallet, which comes in an array of colours and styles. All are made from recycled materials, and are incredibly sturdy – meaning they will last for years to come.

A few other items that look and feel good are the KeepCup 8oz, perfect for an Americano to go, and the Chilly’s Silver Bottle to keep hydrated without any plastic waste.

For The Loungers

Finally, if the man you’re buying for likes to be a bit of a homebody, Alternative Apparel’s Eco-Fleece Hoodie and Joggers are a great bet. Soft, warm, and still quite neat, they’re the perfect pair to gift before the World Cup starts.

My dad is currently getting into gardening, so I’m going to be giving him a present along the lines of this Eco Bird Feeder or Bee Hotel to complement his new greenhouse and plants!



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