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Happy Midsummer! As you well know from my posts on hygge, and the Scandi principles to slow living, I’m a little bit obsessed with the Nordic approach to a balanced lifestyle.

I’ve always thought there’s a big, Northern European-shaped hole in British news and culture, and the more I learn about the Nordic way of life, the more I wonder if it’s because they’ve seemingly achieved a better life than ours. Not only do they always come top in the World Happiness Report (Finland won this year), they also produce beautiful design and understated fashion.

So it was with great pleasure and curiosity that I accepted an invitation to the Business Finland‘s Fashion & Design Showcase. For one afternoon only, I got to meet the people creating, designing, and living in a fair, and truly Finnish, way…



Moimoi: Fair Fashion & Design from Finland | Curiously Conscious



MOIMOI is a Helsinki-based sustainable leather bag brand, created by partners Raquel and Kalle. Their collection is a gorgeous, simplistic selection of buttery leather bags, made using French leather that is then tanned and pieced together in Spain.

As someone who doesn’t eat meat, I’ve always had a problem when it comes to buying leather. I haven’t bought first-hand since making the change, however, the materials that MOIMOI used would otherwise be waste. They are also made in a way that embodies functionality and sustainability: these are bags that are made to last.


Halo: Fair Fashion & Design from Finland | Curiously Conscious


One of my new discoveries was Hálo: a slow fashion boutique created by the duo Marta Valtovirta and Jukka Puljujärvi. In speaking to them both, I could see how passionate they were about both fashion and their heritage.

The designs in their clothes represent the seasons in Lapland: the wilderness changing from a bright, floaty nature to a darker, more rustic feel.






I was really struck by both NORD-T’s bold design, and their bold creator Mirta. With her bright red-rimmed glasses and her wide smile, I could truly feel the passion she has for both her business and the natural ingredients from her homeland.

Tea is something of a modern-day essential, but to NORD-T, it’s an opportunity to experience new tastes, scents, and “humorous oddity”. I’ve been enjoying their signature blend of birch tree leaf, lingonberry, sea buckthorn and nettle as a nighttime tea that hails from the land of dark wintry evenings and northern lights.


Nord-T: Fair Fashion & Design from Finland | Curiously Conscious



Tauko: Fair Fashion & Design from Finland | Curiously Conscious


TAUKO is a sustainable nordic fashion house, also based in Helsinki. In speaking to Mila Moisio, the Designer and Founder, it was clear to see how passionate she is about finding better solutions to fast fashion. Her collection is made from 100% recycled materials, often from hard-working uniforms or materials that she can then create into wearable, incredibly well-made pieces. I love how her contemporary womenswear is both subtle and stylish too: my taste exactly!





Be Design: Fair Fashion & Design from Finland | Curiously Conscious




For something a little different, I didn’t have to look far. BEdesign‘s striking collection of geometric and clean lines made for a brilliant display of their functional items.

From shelves to coat hangers, they were representing innovation and longevity. Sisters Bette and Cilla Eklund certainly have a good eye for style, and Pinterest-worthy pieces!


Myssyfarmi: Fair Fashion & Design from Finland | Curiously Conscious


As a follower of Myssyfarmi for quite a while now, it was great to meet Founder Anna in person and see her cute collection of hats!

Myssyfarmi’s wool hats and accessories originate from their organic farm, and are made by the myssymummot, or the local grannies. It’s an adorable story, and a perfect match for their pastel-coloured bobbles and knitwear.




Luin Living

Another cosy-looking stand was that of Luin Living. Their self-proclaimed timeless, harmonious and functional design comes from their innovative towel material – developed only by them – and they’ve applied it to a wonderfully soft, light hair towel.

However, it has to be said that I was more taken with their recycled collection – doesn’t that dressing gown look just perfect?!


Luin Living: Fair Fashion & Design from Finland | Curiously Conscious


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