Sonnenglas: The Ethical Solar Lamp | AD

Sonnenglas: The Ethical Solar Lamp | Curiously Conscious

Sonnenglas: Ethically Made Solar Lamp | Curiously Conscious
Sonnenglas: Glass Jar Solar Lamp | Curiously Conscious

With summer finally here, I’ve really enjoyed being able to reclaim my outdoor space and sit out late into the evening. The combination of warm weather and eating al fresco really gets me in the holiday mood. What’s even nicer is using the sunshine to light up my evenings and nights, all thanks to my new Sonnenglas solar lamp!

Forget your usual outdoor solar lights: this lantern puts them to shame in every aspect. Capturing the sunlight during the day, it works as a powerful lantern at night.

Style & Sustainability

The first thing that struck me about the Sonnenglas Lamp is that it looks good. I’ve got to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to glass jars – they’re the stereotypical symbol of a modern day eco lifestyle, saving on food waste, cutting back on plastic, and featuring in copious Pinterest posts to boot. But it’s only because they look good, and also provide a premium feel that’s well-weighted and will last longer than plastic alternatives.

Secondly, the real beauty of the lamp is that it really does put a glass jar to good use. The solar panels are installed in the lid of the jar, and the light on the underside, meaning the glass spreads the light softly to provide an atmospheric glow, rather than harsh LED light.

The lantern also still works as a jar, meaning you can decorate it as you fancy, or even fill it with a mini terrarium!

A Glass Half Full

It’s also a pleasure to know that my “sunshine in a bottle” is made ethically. Sonnenglas is a small start-up from Germany. Its solar lantern has created jobs for 70 unemployed workers in Johannesburg, South Africa to bring sunlight to people worldwide. Working in this way, the business is fair trade, and supports renewable energy too.

In fact, the light was originally developed to help people who live in areas without electricity, and it’s nice to know that the design is so good that it’s also perfect in households with electricity too.

In or Out

Of course, if you don’t have outdoor space, or would simply prefer to use the lamp inside, that works too. Prior to the sunny weather, I kept my lamp on my windowsill during the day, and then flicked it on using the magnetic switch each evening for soft lighting that helps me to switch off before bedtime.

I also think the lamps could work well for events or parties, as they come with a sturdy handle that could be used to hang them up. I’d love to get more and use them across my rooftop garden – even hanging them like fairy lights for a beautiful summer evening glow!

This post is sponsored by Sonnenglas. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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