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Gousto: My Go-To Free From Recipe Box | Curiously Conscious

Gluten-Free Cooking with Gousto | Curiously Conscious

Free From Cooking with Gousto | Curiously Conscious
Trying New Meals with Gousto | Curiously Conscious

Gousto: The Best Free From Recipe Box | Curiously Conscious

When it comes to home cooking, I’m either playing chef for the night, or rushing to put something edible on a plate. I love cooking when I have the time, but that’s a pretty rare occurrence. Most of the time, I batch cook big meals on the weekend, and then heat them up alongside a freshly cooked side or a salad across my weeknights.

It’s led my boyfriend to guess our meals quite easily: bolognese, curry, or roasted veg being the usual favourites. I knew it was time for a change, and Gousto’s Recipe Boxes really came to the rescue!

A Recipe for Success

Having been through the clean eating craze, and coming out the other side with a slightly overcomplicated diet of vegan foods with the addition of fish and eggs, I do feel a little bit nervous when trying new meals. Will they cater for me? Am I going to have to switch up the recipe half-way through, and get something mediocre?

I imagine this is the same way many people who have food allergies and intolerances feel; it’s something I’ve really taken into consideration when judging the Free From Food Awards, for example.

And as it’s Coeliac Awareness Week this week, I was really impressed to see Gousto offering gluten-free options as standard on their site. Ordering a recipe box from them is an incredibly easy process: you choose your meal size, 2 or 4 people, enter your postcode, select your delivery day and time, and then choose from their mouth-watering meals!

Free From Freedom

You can sift through all the meals on offer by using their pre-organised ranges, from diet-types such as Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian, or Plant-based, to taste preferences such as World Food or Family-Friendly.

The meals themselves also provide a great variety of foods, from veggies, pulses, beans, and a good base of carbohydrates such as mash, rice, sweet potato wedges, and risotto. I’ve felt full after every meal, and also satisfied that there’s a good mix of nutrients and flavours too.

My favourite meal I’ve tried so far has to be their Roasted Portobellos, Garlic Bean Mash & Chimichurri. Following their recipe card was quick and easy, and I was introduced to a new way to make a delicious mash (with cannellini beans, garlic, and potato) as well as spicy chimichurri. The recipe called for a pestle and mortar to make the chimichurri, but there’s nothing my Nutribullet won’t do better!

Get £10 Off Every Order For A Whole Month

To celebrate Gousto’s great range of free-from and gluten-free recipes, they’re kindly giving all Curiously Conscious readers £10 off every order made in one month. That’s a brilliant deal, considering  Gousto has the lowest prices of all the recipe boxes (starting from £2.98 per person) and also free delivery seven days a week!

Use the code BESMAGF at the checkout, or click here to have the discount automatically applied. Happy cooking!

This post is sponsored by Gousto. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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