Bybi Beauty: Worth The Hype?

Bybi Beauty: Worth The Hype? | Curiously Conscious

Have you heard of Bybi Beauty? Over the last few months, they’ve practically taken over my Instagram feed, and I’m not complaining… Their packaging is serious eye-candy, and their formulas are squeaky clean too!

When it gets to the summer months, I usually have an overhaul of my skincare to swap out heavier moisturisers and switch in lighter, hydrating serums. It’s been the perfect opportunity to try Bybi’s range of cruelty-free, vegan, and natural skincare – but are they worth the hype?

The Supercharge Serum

Bybi’s Supercharge Serum has been an instant hit with me. It’s super smooth to apply, and uses a good-enough-to-eat sounding mix of prickly pear, jasmine and watermelon seed oils to make it a perfect base before my favourite SPF moisturiser, or on its own before bedtime.

The “supercharge” element comes from the natural antioxidants that the plant-based oils provide, which aim to replenish skin and keep it hydrated.

Plumper Lip Balm & Buffer Lip Scrub

As a lip care duo, these two work really well together. To start, I apply the Buffer Lip Scrub to my finger and then buff away at my lips (which they do need in the summer, as the heat can really dry them out, especially when I cycle). Then it’s onto their Lip Balm, which has a smooth shea butter base, and uses peppermint and blood orange oils to create a natural “bee-sting” effect. I’ll be honest, I didn’t notice the plumping effect too much, but my lips definitely felt softer and smoother.

My Skincare Picks from Bybi Beauty | Curiously Conscious

Prime Time Exfoliator

This one is a little tricky for me – having only ever tried one other natural primer, I was initially stoked to try an alternative that’s also relatively less expensive. Sadly Bybi Beauty’s Prime Time isn’t a primer – it’s a facial polish. Despite the initial confusion, I was happy with the results from giving it a go!

The polish is an oil-to-milk style exfoliator, which is the vegan answer to my favourite Madara Scrub. The marshmallow root and pineapple acid make a great duo in removing dirt and dead skin, and leave my skin feeling fresh and tight with every wash.

Babe Balm Multi-purpose Balm

I’ve saved the best ’til last! Bybi Beauty’s Babe Balm is what skincare goals are made of. I love balms generally, but this has been a handbag essential for me from the first time I tried it. It’s perfect for adding a bit of glow on a bare face (if you prefer glowy makeup, try my latest tutorial), but can also double as hand balm, lip balm, whatever-you-need-it-to-be balm.

Plus, the fruit wax used in this balm makes it smell delicious, and the bottle is made from biodegradable sugar cane (as are all their range, other than the glass-bottled serum!)

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