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The Eco Stationery Edit | Curiously Conscious

How green is the stationery on your desk? I think home offices and workplaces can be one of the most wasteful places – simple tasks such as sorting waste can be a chore, and easy to forget at home.

Fortunately, this means little changes can have a big impact! Instead of repeating my simple tips to be greener, I’ve decided to focus on sourcing eco-friendly and ethically-made stationery, that looks good and tells a positive story too…

Why Is Sustainable Stationery Important?

When speaking to Graeme Park from the Little Green Paper Shop, he explained the environmental impact of paper and stationery: “Traditionally, paper is made from wood pulp from freshly cut trees. Felling trees has some obvious problems, from destruction of animal habitats to the vast amounts of CO2 released during production and transportation. Even recycled paper usually contains a percentage of virgin wood.

If you’re looking to be more sustainable, look for circular alternatives, says Graeme: “LittleGreenPaperShop offers a range of alternatives to traditional paper with stock made from residual cottons from the textile industry infused with flower and vegetable seeds, papers made from recycled (and washed) elephant dung which creates an additional revenue stream for elephant sanctuaries and sugar cane which grows and degrades much faster than traditional fibres.

What’s In My Sustainable Stationery Collection?

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit on the back-foot when it comes to stationery. My first foray into eco-friendly stationery was at my favourite high-street stationers, Paperchase*. This was a few years ago now, but I still pop in for the occasional recycled notepad* or binder. They stock a good selection of brown paper options that are inexpensive and extend to boxes, diffusers, confetti pops and more*!

If you’re looking for something more elaborate, I’d recommend Home of Juniper’s stationery. Their Fairtrade Himalaya Notebook is a new favourite of mine, perfect as for pencil sketches with its soft, plain pages. I also like sending out handwritten notes from time to time, and their Hello You! Notecards are perfect for that (both gifted).

The Ethical Stationery Edit | Curiously Conscious

Clockwise from top left: 1. Warm Grey Company’s Hanging Planter, 2. Secrets of Green Palm Notebook, 3. Home of Juniper Himalaya Notebook, 4. Minimum Design Recycled Wood Pencil Pot, 5. Cuemars Air Plant with Holder, 6. Paperchase Recycled Binder, 7. BuyMeOnce Wooden Correction Tape, 8. Hopscotch Soy Candle

Eco-Friendly Essentials

Even for essential stationery items, there are eco-friendly alternatives available. BuyMeOnce, one of my favourite places to shop for long-lasting goods, stocks a surprising array of refillable pens, highlighters and markers. Their Wooden Correction Tape is also the first eco-friendly alternative to tip-ex I’ve ever seen!

For pens, I have one refillable pen I absolutely adore. My Kikki.K Metal Rollerball Pen in Gold was given to me as a present, and I’ve since gone back to Kikki.K to buy refills that extend the life of my pen, and are far cheaper than buying a new one!

The notepad I grab the most to jot things down in comes from Secrets of Green. A gold-foiled and green beauty, it’s the perfect size to stuff into a handbag, and is made by Lonetree, a studio run by two sisters on the North Yorkshire Moors.

Talking of smaller, prettier essentials, Etsy* is always a good place to try too. I’m currently coveting this Recycled Wood Pencil Pot*, made using wood, bio-plastic, and is 100% biodegradable.

Desk Dressing

No fruitful workspace would be complete without some accessories! Just take a look at my Pinterest workspace board… I love lots of little knick-knacks, so long as they’re cohesive and neatly organised too.

On my desk, I have a beautiful air plant suspended in a concrete and copper holder from Cuemars. The independent London-based homeware shop sent it over very carefully, and it’s incredibly low maintenance for a plant!

I also have my Marley Bluetooth Speaker*, which produces a better sound than my laptop and is made from recycled textiles and bamboo.

And one of my favourite ways to concentrate is with a candle slowly burning – it adds a more relaxed feel to the room, and it’s when I do my best writing. I always use soy or plant-based candles, and I imagine this one from Hopscotch* smells as good as it looks!

Best Sustainable Stationery Brands in UK

Finally, if you’re looking to browse, or searching for something in particular, why not head to my favourite sustainable stationery suppliers directly?

Amaretti Paper Stores: Amaretti is a sustainable paper goods company inspired by art and design, with a focus on functionality, simplicity and quality.

Heart & Parcel: Home office and stationery store, using 100% recycled materials.

Home of Juniper: Conscious stationery and gifts boutique, where I got my Hello You! notecards and notebook from.

Kinshipped: Luxury stationery perfect for gifting friends, family, or yourself!

Little Green Paper Shop: Small UK-based business focused on biodegradable and seed-paper style stationery.

Minimum Design*: Modern wooden desk accessories made using laser cutting.

nez living: Sophisticated sustainable notebooks made for journalling and more.

Paperchase*: Look for the eco items in Paperchase for some sustainable picks. I love their recycled notepads, binders, and boxes.

Siren*: Vegan and plastic-free stationery, cards, and feminine candles!

Disclaimer: This post features gifted items (denoted 'gifted') and affiliate links (denoted '*')


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