How to Clean Silver Jewellery

How to Clean Silver Jewellery | Curiously Conscious

A big part of my ethical fashion philosophy lies in taking care of my garments and accessories. It’s crazy how it’s not something that we learn at home or at school – and almost seems old-fashion these days! When I attended Advaya Initiative’s Toxic Threads event with Orsola de Castro, I learnt she also advocates caring for her clothes; she regularly visits a dressmaker to fix her clothes, and make her favourite outfits last longer.

As a lover of silver jewellery, there’s a little bit of extra care involved to keep every piece wearable, shiny and bright. Silver, while both a precious and low reactive metal, oxidises with the air more readily than gold, meaning it can become tarnished and dull.

I store my jewellery on a handmade ceramic plate from Nice Pear Ceramics on my bedside table, and I imagine by keeping it out in the open speeds up the oxidising process. Rather than pack it away, I’ve learnt a quick, easy way to restore their shine using simple kitchen cupboard materials.

I hope this quick DIY helps you to find new life in your jewellery, and enjoy what you already have rather than make you want to buy more!



DIY Silver Jewellery Cleaner

You’ll need:

Non-metal cup
1/2 cup of water
1 tbsp salt
Strips of aluminium foil

  1. Fill a small cup halfway with warm water – tap water is fine
  2. Stir in a tablespoon of salt until it has dissolved
  3. Place your strips of aluminium foil into the water
  4. Now submerge your jewellery into the water
  5. Leave for 3 minutes, and give it a stir to see if the jewellery is clean
  6. Once shiny, retrieve, wash with cold water, and dry
  7. For any stubborn tarnishes, you may need to repeat the process
DIY Silver Jewellery Cleaner | Curiously Conscious


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