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I’m a bit of a lizard when it comes to sunny weather. I love lounging about in the sunshine, cycling to the nearest park to soak up some rays and vitamin D… This time round, I’ve enjoyed doing so behind a pair of gifted Peep Eyewear vintage sunglasses. As with the few items I select for my ethical wardrobe, these frames come with a history, and a positive story to tell too. They make for the perfect first post for Fashion Revolution Week too!

Pre-loved Vintage Sunglasses

Peep Eyewear’s Founder, Jo Skelton, started her boutique of vintage frames and top-spec optics almost exactly one year ago to provide a new life for pre-loved frames that were going to waste. It’s a beautiful concept, and it really epitomises the concept of vintage to me: to see the world through the very frames of someone before me has me daydreaming every time I put them on.

What did the previous owner do while wearing these very glasses? Was she an artist, a cyclist, or maybe a historian? I wonder how the world she saw through these made her feel, how they shaped her as a person…

One thing is for sure: whoever owned these frames previously was a careful person. They’re perfectly preserved, and Jo is quite a magpie when it comes to selecting the vintage specs she renovates for new use. I was very glad to find this pair on her site, and start the design process!

New Life, New Lenses

Unlike a scruffy pair of sunnies you might find in your local thrift shop, the vital part of these glasses, the lenses, are new. Peep Eyewear offer both sunglasses and prescription glasses with vintage frames, but the lenses come brand new, made to order. For sunglasses, you can choose your preferred tint to go with the ideal pair of bespoke frames, while glasses are made according to your prescription and pupil distance.

I think glasses and sunglasses straddle the line between form and function, and I doubt I would buy a pair of vintage frames without knowing that the lenses were UVA and UVB protected. This is the case with these sunnies (and make sure your natural skincare is just as sun-friendly too)

With Jo’s help (she’s incredibly friendly!) I selected this petite style of Morel glasses, with the darkest tint possible to match my rather monochrome wardrobe. They’ve been an instant hit from the moment they arrived: they work well with my smart trench coat, and yet they also make me feel a little rock’n’roll with my more casual wear.

In the sunshine last week, I paired them with my favourite summer outift: a vintage floaty black sequinned top from Ghost that I found in Traid and the hardest working item in my wardrobe, my dark blue skinny jeans.

Designed By Yours Truly

With anything vintage, there’s that lovely feeling of uniqueness – if you’re like me, you’ve probably trawled a dozen rails before finding that one perfect piece! With Peep Eyewear, there’s the added guarantee that this pair truly is yours and yours alone: you’ve chosen the frames, the lenses (tint or prescription) and they’re made especially for you.

I like to treat all of my clothing well, but I know I’ll truly treasure these sunglasses as they’re the only ones out there that exist – and they’re made just for me!

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items (denoted 'gifted')


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