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One of the biggest myths about living a sustainable lifestyle is that it’s costly. In reality, I’ve found that by making the most of what I own, and using only as much as I truly need, I’ve saved time, hassle, and above all, money.

I’ve recently been introduced to a novel new way to apply this same method to my energy usage. Thanks to the smart people over at Octopus Energy, I’m slowly revolutionising my home with 100% renewable electricity and carbon-offset gas that costs less than my regular supplier too!

By working in partnership with Octopus, I’ve created this guide as to the easiest ways to save the money, and make your home a little greener too. I’d love to hear about your own switches too!

1. Switch to Octopus Energy

By choosing the Agile Octopus Tariff, you’ll be supporting solar and wind generating methods to produce the energy that powers your home. You’ll also be able to use their app and smart meter, making it totally transparent and easy to see your energy usage and the current cost of electricity.

 They also make it so easy to save money by encouraging customers to use appliances at off-peak times. They’re currently working on sending text alerts when energy is at its cheapest point during the day, meaning I can save a few pennies if I put the washing on when the price is cheap and even earn some money back if there’s an energy surplus!

2. Unplug Your Chargers

Chargers will quite literally charge you for wasting their time. When your phone or laptop has finished charging, unplug from the mains so as to save energy, money, and possibly extend the life of their batteries too. My golden rule: don’t charge overnight.

3. Go Paperless

When was the last time you looked at a paper bank statement? I switched over to using online and mobile banking a long time ago, and made sure to tell my bank that I didn’t want paper letters coming to me. If you’re like me, try doing the same at your bank, and bills too – some places even charge you for each paper statement you receive!

4. Take An Old Bag Shopping

No, I’m not referring to your mum… As much good as the 5p bag charge is doing, the main aim is to reduce how many virgin plastic bags we use. By taking your own bags to the shop, you’ll save on the charge and plastic waste too. Keep them packed in your backpack or handbag for ease!

5. Wash at 30ºC

Washing clothes in cold water not only saves on the energy spent on heating up the water, but also prolongs the life of your clothes too. If you’re like me, and can only be bothered to divide your clothes by darks and lights (I just don’t have the time okay?), washing at 30ºC means I know my jumpers and delicates will come out fine.

6. Bring Your Own Cup

With many high street coffee chains offering a reduction in the price of their hot drinks if you bring your own cup, it’s a no-brainer. I’m a big fan of my glass and cork 8oz KeepCup, which is super easy to pop in my bag and whip out whenever I fancy a coffee.

7. Use Rechargeable Batteries

Sometimes you need to spend to save: rechargeable batteries are one of those items. I picked up mine at IKEA last year, and I haven’t need to buy batteries since; over time, I’ve made my money back, saved from making corrosive waste, and they’re super convenient too!

This post is sponsored by Octopus Energy. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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