The Diary: March Highlights

The Diary: March Highlights | Curiously Conscious

March is one of my favourite months – and not just because it’s my birthday! It’s usually the first time I catch a glimpse of Spring, and this time it came in the form of a busy little bee buzzing at the window of a home a few streets away from me. I was taking a meandering route home, as I live in a bit of a maze of residential streets in South London, and suddenly heard the unmistakeable sound of a little yellow and black friend.

I don’t know if it’s my mind playing tricks on me, but I do think there are less bees buzzing about these days. It may be to do with my location (city vs. growing up in the countryside) but I remember seeing them everywhere! In fact I had a nasty encounter with one bee when I was small, which you can read about here, and also find a few ways to encourage more bees in your garden (and in turn, more bees in general).

Going back to nature

Talking about wildlife, this month saw my boyfriend and I visit a delightful little settlement of eco-dens in Devon. For three days, I took a step back from life online and came back into the present, finding joy in cooking, creating fires, and hiking.

It made for a great break from being my own boss, yet it also left me feeling motivated and hungry to get back and start writing. I think the luxury of time can give you a chance to review your work, see how you’re progressing towards your goals, and also highlight any places that need to change, too.

If you’re looking to find a small way to gain that kind of introspection, I’d recommend a few of my morning rituals or try writing a focus journal – both bring me back to that same calmness and presence, although nothing will beat waking up to lots of snow and stoking the fire!

City living

Now that I’m back in the city, I’m finding motivation in different ways. Some days, I love to sit and write for hours on end, while others I’ll be dashing about the city, meeting brands, agencies, and interesting connections in coffee shops and lunch places.

Two particular highlights are the coffee tasting with Oatly and Old Spike Roastery – both brands have great aims for sustainability and positive social change – and the weekend I spent with my sister visiting a spa and then getting our nails done at Cowshed Salon on Carnaby Street.

Both brought me joy in completely different ways; spurring me on to write more, to highlight the change great businesses and people are making, and for brief moments I feel like this movement is really gaining momentum.

Plans for April

With April looming, we have this year’s Fashion Revolution Week to look forward to! Between 23rd and 29th April, get ready for more of a focus on activewear (something I’ve barely touched on), as well as the brands leading the way in creating fair fashion.

I’ve also got a special trip planned to Hidden Valley Yurts with a group of bloggers, where we’ll get back to nature and also try some outdoor activities! It feels like a throwback to a school trip and I’m excited!

Finally, there’s the Free From Food Awards night happening later on in the month – I wonder who of my favourite free-from picks have won the crown this year?


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