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Naturigin Hair Dye Contents | Curiously Conscious
Naturigin Hair Dye in Dark Coffee Brown | Curiously Conscious

Do you dye your hair? I’ve been doing mine since I was 17 – I started with a bang, going to a salon to get a deep brown hue that I’m still in love with, years on. My parents took pictures of me beforehand, so they could show me just how much it changed my look, and I know I felt different too – a little more grown up, and definitely more confident.

Eight years later, and I’m still dying my hair, except I’ve been through a few experiments in that time. I had a reddy-brown phase, where my hair would shine with an unnatural warmth that I’m still not sure was a great decision… I also went through a time where I would use a bleach spray to encourage a blondish salt-and-pepper look, which I’m also not sure about now that I look back on it…

It’s safe to say, a chocolate brunette colour is my favourite. I like a rich, deep dye that matches my naturally dark brows, and encourages that all-alluring halo from the light bouncing off it.

Introducing: NATURIGIN

What I haven’t told you, is that in the almost four years of writing this blog, I’ve been using chemical at-home dyes on my hair to achieve that colour. It’s something I’ve felt quite guilty about, especially when I (in somewhat of a contradiction) don’t like using petrochemical shampoos and even choose to go to a natural hairdresser.

So I’m finally pleased to tell you, not only have I moved away from unnatural alternatives, but I’ve found a natural-based dye that genuinely works!

NATURIGIN is a Danish brand set up by Mette and Stig Lykkegaard, a couple who are also striving for a healthier lifestyle. Their dyes use organic and natural oils and extracts instead of ammonia, SLS and PTD to make them both safe for the user and the environment. They’re also cruelty-free, and I found that their dye smells quite pleasant compared to the toxic-scented dyes I’ve used in the past!

How To Dye Your Hair Naturally

Naturigin Hair Dye Review - Before
Naturigin Hair Dye in Coffee | Curiously Conscious

– Before –

Naturigin Hair Dye Review - Before

– After –

Naturigin Hair Dye Review - After

As you can see from the photos, I started off with quite a dark head of hair, but there were light patches, especially in my fringe and down my roots. The beauty of all of NATURIGIN’s natural hair colours is that they provide a colour chart to show the outcome each dye will give you, as well as a really simple set of instructions to follow for virgin hair, or for hair that’s been coloured in the past.

1. Patch test

When dying my hair, I always start with a patch test at least 24 hours before I’m due to dye my hair. I mix a small amount of the colourant with the activator in a dish and dab it behind my ear using a cotton bud. Once it’s dry, I leave it overnight and check the next day to see if I’ve had a negative reaction (I didn’t).

2. Prepare my face + hair

Dye takes best to “unclean” hair, so I dye it just before it’s due a wash. I then brush my hair through with a brush, parting it where I naturally have my parting. Finally, I apply a fat-rich balm around my face and tops of my ears (shea butter is great) so that any stray dye won’t colour my skin.

3. Onto the dying!

If you’re used to dying your hair with a precision bottle, you’ll find the Naturigin process is exactly the same. Pop your gloves on, pour the colourant into the activator, shake up until properly mixed and get going. I start by doing the roots showing down my parting, and then all around my face. Once the edges are done, I go onto apply the mixture to my roots through all my hair, and finally use the rest to do the full length of my hair.

4. Leave + rinse

Once all the dye is applied, I leave it for another 10 minutes to set (it takes me 30+ minutes to dye my hair fully, but if you’re speedy, leave it for 20). Then you need to step into the shower, dampen your hair with a little water, and knead your hair until the dye foams up – it’s a bit like shampoo at this point.

Once it’s all foamy, wash out and apply the After Colour Treatment, washing out thoroughly and then applying your favourite conditioner to restore hair to its silky-smooth self.

5. Dry + style

The most exciting part is here! I love drying my hair, seeing it go from inky black to the new colour. In this case, I went for Dark Coffee Brown, which has left my hair the naturally warm, deep brown shade that I love. You can see from the before and after photos that it’s covered my hair fully, including my roots, without any noticeable different between previous dyes and new hair. It’s also felt light, soft, and glossy from the first dye, which is a revelation compared to the drying dyes I’ve used in the past. All in all – a job very well done!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Naturigin. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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