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Maari: Sustainable Swimwear from the Ocean | Curiously Conscious

Maari: Sustainable Bikini | Curiously Conscious
Maari: Lea Brief | Curiously Conscious

Maari: Ariadne Top & Lea Brief | Curiously Conscious

Where did you grow up? My childhood was based in the British countryside, where I attended a number of village schools and learned to love the changing seasons. You could see the power of Mother Nature in winter, freezing over the streams and canals, or in spring, teasing out the wildlife and blossoms across the trees and fields.

For Maria and Federica, the two friends who founded Maarï Porto Cervo, their childhood setting couldn’t have been more different: living along the shores of Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, they spent their days in the sparkling ocean, with salty hair and sunny smiles. Growing up this way, they found themselves going through swimwear that didn’t last; both the product values and business values weren’t there.

From this personal passion for swimwear, their love of the ocean, and their disappointment for current swimwear offerings, the duo decided to create their own line, which launched in 2017.

Truly Fashion-Forward Swimwear

Maarï’s sustainable resort-wear collection has been designed with the ocean in mind. Their swimwear is created around the innovative material Econyl, which takes shape from abandoned fishing nets in the ocean and combines them with nylon waste to create virgin-quality yarn.

I love the way the line helps to clean up the ocean, both within its creation, and also by donating a small percentage of every sale Healthy Seas, an initiative that removes waste such as fishing nets from our seas, with the purpose of creating a healthier marine environment for both us and the natural wildlife. And it’s important we protect our oceans; their waters flow over nearly three-quarters of our planet and hold 99% of the planet’s biosphere.

In short, Maarï’s principles lie within a circular economy, taking materials that would otherwise be causing environmental harm and creating a new purposeful life with them.

Designed to Last

Shown here is the elegant Ariadne Hybrid Top and Lea Brief in Ivory White, two of my favourite pieces from their line (which comes in my favourite monochrome tones of white and black). The pieces are created to emphasise feminine curves, embracing true enjoyment of the summer, and the ultra-soft fabric has seamless bonding to eliminate stitch lines and create a smooth silhouette.

All garments in the Conscious Collection are crafted by artisans with more than 50 years’ worth of experience in the luxury fashion industry, their expert touch making sure each item is of the highest quality and distinctive characteristics of the Made in Italy heritage.

And as a boutique brand, Maarï Porto Cervo’s line is carefully created in limited numbers to stop any over-production as well – their respect for the environment truly is embedded in everything they do.

This post is sponsored by Maarï Porto Cervo. All views and opinions expressed remain my own.

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