My Early Morning Rituals

My Early Morning Rituals | Curiously Conscious

Loungewear by Discover Boutique | Curiously Conscious
Ethical Loungewear | Curiously Conscious

While Mondays might not be the most relaxing morning of the week, I wanted to share with you my early morning rituals today, in the hopes it will help you have a better week.

It was only in my last job that I found myself happy when waking up – previously, I would be flooded with a sense of dread every weekday morning. Even as a student, I found myself scrambling around getting ready most mornings, even if lectures weren’t until the afternoon. I used to interpret this dread as some form of guilt, as if I’d done something wrong, or I wasn’t as good as my peers.

I realise now that that feeling actually comes from a lack of routine. Now, I still don’t get up at the same time each morning, or do the same things each morning, but I do always make sure to have enough sleep, and give myself ample time to eat, catch-up on social, be introspective, get ready and start my day.

Beauty Sleep

I know I’m going to have an emotional day if I don’t get seven hours of good, calm sleep the night before. I have the advantage of planning my time to a tee (since I went full-time with the blog) so I make sure to set my alarm at least seven hours from the moment my head hits the pillow. Eight is my optimum, and I make sure to get eight on weekends.

Wake Up, Sunshine

When I do wake, the first thing I do is open my blinds. I have black-out blinds, which means I get great sleep but my body gets out of rhythm with the sun. By dousing myself in sunlight in the morning, I find I don’t hit the snooze button, and I actually feel a lot calmer.

Effortless Lounging

As soon as I’m up, I’m checking my phone. This isn’t something I really encourage – it can cause even more anxiety sometimes – but I want to be honest and realistic. I want to check if my friends or family have contacted me, and then I flick to Twitter, Instagram, and sometimes Pinterest for some scrolling pleasure.

Loungewear-wise, my favourite item of clothing to lay around in is my lightweight dress from Discover Boutique. The ethical Bali-based brand came on my radar a few months ago, but it’s been too cold to start lounging in this up until now.

Named The Meryl after Meryl Streep, the dress is one of two pieces in Discover Boutique’s collection inspired by empowered women – the other being The Amelia, after Amelia Earhart. I love the design inspiration as much as the story of Founder Michelle carefully finding a team of 25 people to make her designs, ensuring they’re fairly treated and love the clothes as much as she does.

I also feel really feminine wearing this dress. Made from soft rayon, a bamboo-based material, it’s floaty and comfortable against my skin.

Quiet Introspection

Before I get breakfast, I like to have some time to myself. This all started when I started writing a focus journal last year, and I now like to either write a journal entry (5 minutes), meditate using the Headspace app (10 minutes), or practice yoga (20-30 minutes) – it all depends on how much time I have.

By strengthening this connection with my mind and body in the morning, I find I’m a lot more focused throughout my day, doing one task at a time rather than flitting between two or three. I also feel incredibly productive, even though I’ve spent a tiny fraction of my waking hours being introspective.

Breakfast Smoothie

Finally, it’s breakfast time! I normally start my day with a banana-based smoothie, but it’s only once I get to my cupboard each morning that I decide on the flavour. My current favourites are my vanilla bean smoothie, my cacao and peanut butter smoothie, and my blueberry smoothie.

Every once in a while I’ll have toast and tea for breakfast instead, but that’s really an extra special treat!


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