Birthday Spoils

Birthday Spoils | Curiously Conscious

Eco Silver Earrings by Lima Lima | Curiously Conscious

I celebrated my 25th birthday this past week, and it was a really chilled-out affair – just how I like it!

All the important boxes were ticked: seeing friends, seeing family, eating lots and resting lots too. Sometimes big events are best celebrated in a low-key way, and that’s exactly what I did.

Good food

Just as I was saying in my last post, food is often at the heart of our most cherished events, and my birthday was no different. I enjoyed sharing a meal with my family at a local restaurant, where we all caught up with each others’ lives and laughed about previous years together.

I also shared an exquisite Indian meal at Dishoom with my boyfriend; their establishments are like a classy themed-restaurants, crossing Bombay energy with Great Gatsby glamour. If you’re in London (and you’re happy to wait a while for a good meal) you should go! Their vegetarian and vegan options are wonderful.

Good gifts

This year, gifts were mainly of the monetary kind – I’m saving for a new laptop, and they’re not cheap – so I’m thankful my family was understanding.

My boyfriend gave me a new portable battery, some Pip & Nut almond butter shots (sooooo good!) and Salt., a book of poetry by Nayyirah Waheed, meant for moments that bring you into the present and question your world view.

I also received a beautiful set of eco silver ear climbers from Lima Lima x Oxfam Sourced. These are handmade in Bristol using 100% recycled silver; Founder Rhi was selected by Oxfam for her commitment to using locally sourced and recycled materials, designing her pieces with longevity in mind.

In fact, if you haven’t checked out Oxfam Sourced you should – it’s a new section of the Oxfam online shop that showcases items from makers who share Oxfam’s ethos, such as ethical sourcing, planet-friendly production, supporting women in the workplace, or make their items in the UK.

Good times

Finally, the moment of reflection; I think birthdays provide the perfect moment to look back over the last year, and even further into the past.

I’m grateful to my mum for carrying me, to both my parents for raising me, and to my teachers for instilling a sense of hard work and appreciation for learning.

In these last 12 months, I’m grateful for the life changes that have come my way; from moving house to live with a darling little puppy and really nice flatmates, to going full-time with my blogging and becoming my own boss.

And of course – I’m ever grateful to you, for reading my work, and supporting me on my journey – be it with a nice comment, a good email, or simply a browse through the site. I hope you’re enjoying it all as much as I am!


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