My Winter Wellness Rituals

Winter Wellness Rituals | Curiously Conscious

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Winter Wellness Rituals: Magnesium Flakes | Curiously Conscious

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As we start into February, I thought it would be worth divulging the wellness routines I’ve been keeping up through the winter. Spring doesn’t officially start until March 20th, and I’ve often found February to be the worst month for bitterly cold weather and work fatigue… No-one will be happier when the warmer weather arrives!

Until then, here are a few remedies for specific winter ailments. These all come with my seal of approval: as someone who typically suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the cold season, I’ve genuinely managed to stave it off this year. It’s been a mix between working for myself and an awareness of my past Januaries that have led me to taking these up, and it’s worked like a charm!

Supplementing Vitamin D

As with the British winter, daylight is scarce. Daylight provides an essential dose of vitamin D, and without it, you can become drowsy, and have issues with muscles, bones and teeth. You don’t need to have exposure to direct sunlight for vitamin D, but between October and late March, most people don’t get enough of the vitamin.

A recent study also found that a lack of daylight leaves 56% of people more tired than usual, with 40% also more likely to be grumpy. I know I certainly am!

In order to boost my vitamin D intake, I’ve been having regular meals with eggs, fortified foods (such as plant milk) and using a Vitamin D Supplement from Viridian. The reason this comes as a liquid rather than capsule form is that it’s easier to absorb, and it has a pleasant orange taste too!

Topping up my magnesium

Alongside vitamin D, it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough magnesium. The mineral is crucial for the immune system (and fighting off any easily-caught nasties during the colder weather!) as well as bone and skin health.

I’ve been eating more cashew nuts, spinach, and beans to keep it topped up in my diet, as well as trying out Better You’s Magnesium Flakes and Bedtime Spray which aids absorption through the skin. Plus it’s been an excuse to have more baths!

Seeking out skin-kind soap

The colder weather always wreaks havoc with my skin – cracking up due to the cold (especially when cycling) and then swelling again when inside and stuck with dry heat. It makes me feel down and itchy when my skin isn’t in order, so I wanted to include it here for anyone with the same issues.

Instead of going for body oils this year, I’ve tried something simpler: gentle soaps. Two in particular that stand out are Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap and The Soap Co.’s Geranium & Rhubarb Collection. These are great for all over my body, leaving my skin clean but not overly taught or exfoliated. It’s kept any acne in check, my skin is less red and I haven’t been dried out. Result!

Replenshing my hair

I dye my hair (and it’s one of the only beauty routines I haven’t yet gone natural with). It means my hair is often drier than it would be, and especially during the winter. Thankfully I’ve discovered Green People’s moisture-rich Repair Shampoo and Repair Conditioner, which have been restoring some of my hair’s natural gloss. Their formula combines a base of coconut and aloe vera with green tea and orange peel to leave my hair feeling (and smelling) luscious.

Keeping my lips luscious

Also on the luscious list: my lips. I have a similar issue with my lips as I do with my skin during cold weather – they’re usually the first place that needs attention. They crack in the cold and get sore in the heat, so I’ve always got a lip balm on hand. I’m still working my way through my Kingdom of Stars handmade lip balms (full review), and Forestry remains my favourite too. Their shea butter base and subtle scent is exactly what I need.

Moisturising my hands

Finally, hand cream. I remember when I was a child, I would often see my mum’s hands cracked and sore from the cold weather (and hard work of bringing up children) and I’m now a bit of a hand cream fanatic. I’ve recently discovered Yope’s Hand Creams, which I’ve been using religiously. Yope is a Polish vegan skincare brand with the cutest illustrations, and once I’ve finished my tube of Ginger hand cream, I’d love to try their other whimsical flavours of salvia and tea!

As for facial moisturisers, check out last week’s review of Tropic Skincare for the rich, natural moisturiser and oil that have been looking after my rosy cheeks!


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