How to Wear A Hair Stick

How To Wear A Hair Stick | Curiously Conscious

The Taro Hair Stick from Saya Designs | Curiously Conscious

My hair seems to grow mightily fast – I got a blunt bob cut in the Autumn (at my favourite natural hairdressers) and it’s already grown past my shoulders!

The delightful thing about having longer hair is that there are so many more ways I can style it. Even with it being mid-length, I’m able to start playing with plaits and bobby pins again. This time round though, I’ve been trying something new altogether: a hair stick.

Trying a new style

So, I’m pretty new to the whole hair stick scene. It’s something I’ve seen bobbing about on Pinterest but I’ve always been a little afraid to try it, purely because it took me hours working out how to do French plaiting and I’m not sure I have that kind of time to spend on my hair every time I want to mix it up…

Luckily, I was approached by the lovely Victoria of Saya Designs who gifted me one of her hair sticks to try. Not only has she sourced ethically-made hair sticks made from beautiful recycled wood, her minimalist site explains their origin and has multiple hair stick tutorials to show you how to get the perfect up-do.

What is a hair stick?

Made of sustainbly-sourced tree roots, Saya Designs’ hair sticks are simple tools that hold the hair naturally, and make a great alternative to plastic or metal hair accessories. They can come as an individual piece or as a pair, usually worn in an interlocking fashion. The design I chose is The Taro, a y-shaped stick that is nicely balanced for sliding into a bun or plait.

Coming in a beautiful paper box and cloth bag, I felt really elegant trying out The Taro in my hair. As you can see, I didn’t dare tread too far from my usual wavy style, but instead chose to accentuate a little pulled-back bun with the hair stick.

Making a positive impact

Alongside its sustainable origins, and the fact that I got numerous compliments about my hair when wearing my The Taro, all of the hair sticks made by Saya Designs give back. Mine, for example, means six trees were planted, saving 300lbs of CO2 per year and generating enough oxygen to keep 12 people alive. 12!

I think these hair sticks make the perfect gift to give to an eco-conscious friend – they’re small, neat, pretty, and make a positive statement. Plus, you get to try wearing your hair differently with ease!


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