The New Coveted Ere Perez Collection

The New Coveted Ere Perez Collection | Curiously Conscious

Ere Perez Beauty Review | Curiously Conscious
New In From Ere Perez | Curiously Conscious

I’ve been a fan of Ere Perez cosmetics for quite a while now – I first wrote of their clean white packaging and high-performing foundation in my natural foundation edit in December of 2016. But it wasn’t until late last year that I started to take note of their entire range, and their evolution to slick glass pots, tubes, and even vegan brushes.

The new collection

Ere Perez has unveiled a new array of skincare and beauty products in the last few months, and I’ve been coveting all of them!

My collection focuses primarily on their makeup, which I’ve found to be both well-formulated and long-lasting. I was especially doe-eyed when I first spotted their new eyeshadow palettes, coming in four colour combinations that made it so hard to choose from… In the end, I plumped for their Beautiful palette, which includes the high-contrast black shadow, perfect for applying as eyeliner when used with a teeny tiny brush.

The key difference with Ere Perez’ new collection is their tighter focus on packaging and understanding of natural beauty mavens’ lifestyles. For example, the eyeshadow palette has a refillable magnetic tray, which will cut down on waste, while their concealer comes in an easily-recyclable glass pot that feels so much more luxurious to hold. They’ve combined a minimalist style with a minimalist lifestyle, and it really works.

My favourite picks

Aside from my eyeshadow palette, I’ve been trying out the new Oatmilk Foundation in Latte, Arnica Concealer also in Latte, and Jojoba Eye Pencil in Copper.

Now, I’ll be honest… The colour Latte is just too light for my skin tone. I used to use their foundation in Light-Medium, and hoped this would match somewhat, but the name Latte really should be changed to Milk or Cream. If you’re very fair, you’ll get on well with them, but next time I’d like to give Chai or Caramel colour options a go instead.

Based on the consistency alone though, both the concealer and foundation are long-lasting, and compliment each other well. The concealer does a great job of neutralising redness (an issue I still have with my skin) and blemishes, while the foundation is thick and opaque enough to be a true foundation.

As for the eye pencil, it’s great for adding a hint of colour on my eyelids, and works just as you’d expect.

Don’t forget the skincare…

As something of a skincare junkie, I’ve been reducing my own purchases lately, but I do think the new Ere Perez skincare range is still worth a mention.

Ere Perez originates from Australia, with ties to Mexico, and as with a lot of the Australian beauty I see on Instagram, they showcase a real understanding of botanical extracts. The arnica in the concealer, for example, helps to reduce puffiness.

Within the skincare side, this is even more potent. Their Herbal Face Tonic makes the most of cold-pressed citrus oil, aloe vera, and geranium for a shot of skin hydration, perfect for combatting drying indoor heaters. And their Quandong Green Boosting Serum blends anti-oxidant fruit extracts into a serum to create a great base before applying makeup. I’m looking forward to trying both in the near future!



  1. Nanou
    March 22, 2021 / 7:43 pm

    Latte means milk in Italian…. but perhaps confusing as I guess many will think of “cafe latte” instead

    • besma
      March 23, 2021 / 10:27 am

      Ha, great point Nanou! I think at the time I must have thought it would be closer to a light coffee colour.

      B x

  2. July 16, 2020 / 6:37 am

    The oat milk foundation and arnica concealer are two of my faves too.
    I also love the creme blush and waterproof avocado mascara.

    I’ve just shared a Q&A with Ere Perez over on if you would like to read more.

    Thanks for sharing about the skincare. I’ve got my eye on those!

    • besma
      July 17, 2020 / 3:53 pm

      Hi Chelsey, thanks for sharing this! I’m still a loyal fan of the brand, so it’s great to see even more positive press for them.

      B x

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