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Eat Your Hat Organic Chocolate Range | Curiously Conscious

I’ve found good, fairly-made, organic, vegan chocolate is quite hard to get my hands on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a real chocoholic, but most of the time there’s something lacking. Whether it’s the rich taste, the smooth texture, or the ethics – especially being fair trade and organic and vegan – it’s a hard feat.

Luckily, the good people at Eat Your Hat have answered my dilemma with their new range of chocolate, stocked on the Traidcraft website. I love how they have even quipped about the fact that their chocolate goes above and beyond, to the point you’ll eat your hat!

Truly fair chocolate

Did you know that you can buy fair trade chocolate that doesn’t include any ingredients grown by a fair trade farmer? It’s something I learnt when finding out about Eat Your Hat, and how certain brands will mix a small amount of fair trade cocoa or sugar with unfairly traded types to earn their badge. That, and the fact big producers like Cadbury are pulling out of fair trade schemes makes it even more important that we support the brands operating above the line like Eat Your Hat, who clearly have a social conscience and treat their people and the planet fairly.

Taste test

Within the Eat Your Hat range is a mixture of milk and dark chocolates, the dark ones being dairy-free and suitable for vegans. I chose to try their 70% dark chocolate as a good bench mark, dark chocolate and Brazilian mandarin because orange chocolate is the best, and dark chocolate with turmeric and black pepper because, well, I was feeling adventurous…

I’m pleased to say I really rate the chocolate in terms of its texture and taste – it is creamy, bittersweet, and perfect with a cup of coffee. The orange chocolate came out on top – no surprise – with a slightly sharp, enjoyable orange tang, and the turmeric and black pepper was a savoury, spicy surprise! I think if you’re into chilli chocolate, it’s definitely worth a try.

Zero waste packaging

I was also incredibly impressed by Eat Your Hat’s packaging. Extra thought has gone into the materials used, with the outer being recyclable cardboard, and the inner a recyclable, compostable gold film. It makes a nice change from foil, which isn’t easily recyclable. Above all though, it makes me feel like they understand that by going out of my way to buy ethically, I also want to reduce my own impact, especially with waste. Kudos!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Traidcraft and contains affiliate links. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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