The Diary: February Highlights

The Diary: February Highlights | Curiously Conscious

So, February has come and gone… Didn’t it go quickly though!

As the second edition of my diary posts, I thought it would be the right time to give you a peek into the emotional side of writing… It’s so easy to curate a social feed of perfectly polished photos and tid-bits, but I’m not some kind of superhero, and there’s always ups and downs!


I’ve had a really positive month, with work, blogging, and family life all coming together in three equally great doses. I worked with the ebloggers* team on launching their new site (you should really check them out – they take bloggers’ pre-loved items, vet them and sell them on while donating a percentage to charity) which has been a big success so far.

Blog-wise, I’ve enjoyed swanning around London Fashion Week, trying the new Ere Perez makeup collection, and I judged the Free From Food Awards too. I feel very grateful to have met a number of brilliant bloggers along the way too – from gluten-free foodie Finn to slow fashion fans Ella, Lottie, and Lou.

And when it comes to family and friends, I’ve enjoyed celebrating birthdays, trekking to and from my family home, getting manicures with my sister and keeping up with my closest girlfriends too.


This month, I wrote about how I’ve slowly been regaining my confidence – which stemmed from my change in work and lack of routine – and I came to the conclusion that confidence isn’t something we either innately have or don’t. It’s more about finding ways to break down the things that make us anxious, and learn how to keep going day by day. For me, that’s continuing to make blogging my career, and working closely with my copywriting clients to make sure they get the best service too!

What’s next…

March is my birthday month! That means lots more family time, plus I’m getting away to Devon with my guy… I can’t wait to show you the secluded place we’re staying at! We’ve also got the rest of Fairtrade Fortnight, World Book Day, International Women’s Day, and Mother’s Day to enjoy… it’s going to be a great month.

How about you, what are you looking forward to next month? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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