The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Natural Skincare

Where to Find Men's Natural Skincare | Curiously Conscious

After purchasing a few natural skincare products for my guy on Valentine’s Day, I realised I haven’t ever written about the best natural products out there for men.

There’s been a growing bubble of natural skincare tailored to men, especially in the way of shaving and beard care, but I feel like it’s still not talked about enough. Of course, men can use products aimed at women too, but there are benefits for choosing men-oriented items that work on different skin types and hair.

In order to guide you to the best products out there, here’s my ultimate guide to men’s skincare, featuring scrubs, soaps, oils and more.


To start your day, you need to wash your face. Whether that’s over the sink or in the shower, I’d recommend Sukin’s Facial Cleanser which uses baobab and tasmanian pepper for its signature scent.


If you’re going to shave, it’s good to use a facial exfoliator to remove any rough skin and make for an ultra smooth finish before you start. Buff your skin naturally using Sukin’s Facial Scrub, which uses bamboo powder and walnut shells for its rough texture, or for something more gentle, try Pacific Shaving Company’s Exfoliating Wash.


When it comes to the shave itself, I can’t give a personal recommendation as to whether a foam, cream, gel, oil or soap is better, but I can provide options for each. Whatever your personal preference is, there’s a natural option out there:

For an efficient and organic shave, try John Masters Organics’ 2-in-1 Face Wash and Shaving Foam which harnesses the power of 10 essential oils to provide a good shave with anti-bacterial and anti-septic benefits.

If you prefer the smooth glide of gel, Sukin’s Shaving Gel has an aloe vera gel base with sesame oil and chamomile extract to help soothe the skin as you go. And if you’re still looking for a 2-in-1, try Green People’s Face Wash & Shaving Gel for the best of both worlds.

If you like to shave with oil, try Pacific Shaving Company’s Natural Shaving Oil which uses a sunflower oil base and guarantees no clogged pores, or try Jason’s Shaving Oil for Coarse Hair if you need to get close without irritation.

And for shaving creams, Pacific Shaving Company has you covered with their Natural Shaving Cream or their Caffeinated Shaving Cream, which comes with a coffee scent for an extra morning kick!

Finally, if you prefer an old-fashioned soap shave, give The Handmade Soap Company’s Shaving Soap a go – the natural oils help it to lather up quickly when used with a brush.

Beard & Face Oil

Men’s natural skincare comes into its own when you enter the world of oils.Oils are one of the purest products out there, usually a combination of a plain, unscented base (known as a carrier oil) and a mix of fragrances (known as essential oils) that can all be derived naturally.

And good maintenance of a beard can keep it soft, tangle-free and less irritating for the skin.

Old Faithful are the brand I look to when it comes to beard oils – they use a good selection of base oils with intriguing fragrances such as Oriental Citrus, Blue Mountain, and Wabi-Sabi.

For face oils, try Ermana’s ermana Rosewood Oil, which takes into consideration the skin’s need for vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

After Shave

Just as natural perfume hasn’t quite been mastered yet, natural after shaves and colognes are still being formulated. If you want to curate an entirely natural skincare routine, swap your regular face-slapping for cheek-smoothing with Weleda After Shave Balm the closest natural alternative out there that uses seed oils and alcohol to emulate that bittersweet sting and cool of a regular after shave.

If you have sensitive skin, try Pacific Shaving Company’s Caffeine After Shave Moisturiser instead. The caffeine will help plump the skin, while the aloe vera base and soft application calm any nicks or redness.

And for any cuts or nicks, their Nick Stick is the perfect accompaniment, with aloe vera to cool the cut, and vitamin E to boost the skin’s healing.


Moisturising is important as it keeps skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. For a quick-absorbing option, try Sukin’s Facial Moisturiser that glides across the skin quickly and easily, without any tackiness.

If you prefer something slightly richer, try Seascape Apothecary’s Daily Moisturiser, which has a smooth shea butter base, petitgrain toner and neroli and lavender fragrance.


When I wash, I prefer to use soap, and I imagine a lot of guys do too. I like the tight-skin-feeling soap leaves me with, and to find the best soap it’s really about going back to basics. Forget fancy ingredients, I recommend Olive Oil Soap for a squeaky clean yet not too drying daily wash. And for a deeper scrub, use Giovanni’s D:tox Purifying Bar with charcoal once or twice a week.

If you prefer that trademark male minty freshness, Green People’s Energising Shower Gel provides an exotic escape with yucca, pineapple, mint and eucalyptus scents.

And if you have body acne, there’s also natural options available to help: Salcura’s Bioskin Body Wash, which uses sea buckthorn to introduce omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9 to the skin to calm soreness, which I would recommend alongside their after-wash Activ Spray to keep skin fresh and clean throughout the day.


Finally, I couldn’t do a skincare guide without mentioning deodorant. It’s the first product I recommend people switch when going natural, because deodorant enters the bloodstream through the pores in your armpits and can affect your entire body.

For spray deodorants, nothing will do as good a job as the high street options, but getting close are Weleda’s Citrus Spray, or Sukin’s aluminium- and paraben-free deodorant.

For now though, I’d recommend a roll-on, my favourite being Green People’s Mint & Prebiotics Deodorant, or the long-lasting Weleda 24-hour roll-on.


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