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What’s in my jewellery collection? Well, from a quick glance, you can probably tell I’m a silver jewellery person. I think silver is such a calm, satisfying material; smooth and subtle and yet eye-catching enough to dress up an outfit with ease.

It’s been just under a year since my last ethical jewellery guide, and with a few new items added to my collection I wanted to share them again with you. Each piece of jewellery has a meaning to me, as well as an ethical story to tell, and it’s that perfect balance of mindful production and mindful purchase that I look for with all my items.

Wild Fawn

The little Wild Fawn Etsy store* has to be my favourite place to shop for jewellery – I’ve had my helix hoop, ear cuff and most recently my circle pendant earrings from them. All their jewellery is handmade in London using recycled silver and 925 silver, and they’re the perfect balance between minimal and statement jewellery.


The latest piece to join my collection is this (gifted) elegant perched butterfly necklace from Sacet. Made from 100% recycled silver, it’s a sweet little accent that sits nicely over my favourite cream jumper.

I really like the way Sacet sends out its jewellery – I received this necklace nestled safely in its box with a guide as to who had made my jewellery, as well as a few notes on the jeweller’s life and aspirations. It’s nice to know exactly who made my necklace, and also receive it in eco-friendly packaging too.

Daisy London x Ellie Goulding

The next piece in my collection is the limited edition geometric polar bear bracelet that comes packaged with good intentions. The bracelet was made in a collaboration between Ellie Goulding and Daisy London to raise money for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and raise awareness of climate change.

The polar bear motif is both beautiful and slightly haunting, a symbol of the damage that’s already been done, and a good reminder to continue making positive choices and positive action to live greener and campaign for better care of the planet too.

Kay Reed

Kay Reed‘s jewellery gets a special mention in this round-up, as I haven’t yet added a piece of their jewellery to my collection, but their eco-jewellery also raises awareness for wildlife conservation. The Pisces in me is coveting this recycled silver shark pendant!

Puck Wanderlust

Puck Wanderlust is an independent jewellery store set up by two friends, and specialises in recycled silver and gold pieces.

A staple on my jewellery plate is my silver midi balance bar ring from them, which occasionally adorns my fingers when I like to feel a little more dressed up than usual (and when I’m not tap-tap-tapping away at my keyboard!)

Wellcome Collection x Just Trade

Another limited edition piece is this lotus pendant designed for Wellcome Collection by Just Trade. The piece was made for their Ayurvedic Man exhibition, a showcase of “the knowledge of long life” from historical South Asian artefacts.

The pendant itself was handmade by the Flowering Desert Project, which provides training and fairly paid work for women in Southern India. The project gives them the ability to improve their quality of life for themselves and their families.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links (denoted '*') and gifted items (denoted 'gifted')


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