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Tropic Skincare Organic Elixir Review | Curiously Conscious
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Have you tried Tropic Skincare? They’re a new brand to me, although their look seems mighty familiar. It may have something to do with the fact that the founder is Susie Ma, an ex-Apprentice star who went into business with Alan Sugar to create the business in 2011.

(Did you know I applied to be on Junior Apprentice when I was 17? I’m so thankful I didn’t get onto the show now, but I was devastated at the time…)

That being said, I love their look. The glass bottle with dropper, the opaque sturdy lid on the moisturiser, the smooth handy-sized eye roller… It feels like the brand is incredibly well thought-out, and their skincare has been great for my skin.

Truly vegan skincare

Tropic Skincare’s range is 100% vegan, and certified by The Vegan Society too. Their website is quick to navigate and check this – they proudly state their adversity to using beeswax, honey and lanolin (a wool by-product).

The brand also has cruelty-free certification from both Cruelty Free International and PETA.

All natural ingredients

Alongside their vegan and cruelty-free credentials, their ingredients are incredibly natural too. They make it easy for you to decipher this, posting the ingredients for each of their products in both plain English and the latin/scientific speak that most other brands do.

On top of this, Tropic Skincare gives a best before date on all of its products, which I really like because it stops me from having to think back as to when I first bought an item and compare it to the usual shelf-life label.

Skin Revive Moisturiser

As it’s my first time trying Tropic Skincare, I wanted to start with two essential products, and something a little different.

The first essential is their Skin Revive Moisturiser. A good moisturiser usually signifies a good natural beauty brand – I look for a certain level of creaminess, and fast absorption time.

I was pleased to find that this moisturiser is particularly good at both; it’s light on my fingertips but also thicker than the moisturiser I was using previously. It absorbs quickly, even after using a skin serum, and is working well on my skin during the wintry weather.

The moisturiser is predominantly made from aloe vera juice, a range of plant oils and shea butter, all of which are organic. It is fortified with Vitamin E – great for skin – and it has a light, pleasant scent that lasts until it’s fully absorbed.

Organic Elixir Oil

Second up is their Elixir Oil, made from a combination of organic plant oils – jojoba, rosehip, plum kernel, moringa, pomegranate, kiwi, and sunflower seed.

This oil is richer than the moisturiser, and it holds the same golden glow as the bottle. Smelling a little like marzipan, I only ever need two drops to really enrich my skin – one applied directly to each cheek and then smoothed in.

The oil absorbs incredibly quickly for how rich it is, and leaves my skin dewy but not greasy.

Eye Refresh Roll-On

Finally, I decided to give Tropic Skincare’s Eye Refresh Roll-On a whirl. Similar to the much-coveted Garnier roll-on, this natural alternative is composed of aloe vera and cucumber juice, with tea and arnica extracts to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

It’s also really enjoyable to use! I’ve found it perfect for a groggy morning, waking up my eyes with a quick swipe that smells fresh like cucumber. I imagine it’ll also become a travel must-have for me, perfect to refresh with after a quick nap!

This post features gifted products.


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