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How to Style a Dungaree Dress | Curiously Conscious

Thrift Shop Dungaree Dress | Curiously Conscious
Denim Dungaree Dress | Curiously Conscious

My Denim Dungaree Dress | Curiously Conscious

A little while ago, I was stood in a charity shop contemplating this denim dungaree dress.

It goes against everything I usually look for: it’s not classic styling, and it’s not quite hitting either the cute or smart spots I normally like. And yet, somehow I ended up walking away with it.

I think it was the first time in years that I felt a rush at trying something different – I’ve been looking for ethically-made or ethically-sourced clothes for so long, I haven’t been in tune with different styles.

So, in order to really embrace the dress, I decided to try showing it off in a different styling too. I think I could easily be in an early 2000’s grunge music video wearing this…

Styling a dungaree dress

There’s a few typical ways I’ve seen a dungaree dress styled: usually with a Breton striped top, or perhaps a clean white shirt. It has a certain quirkiness to it that needs only essentials to really complement it, which is why I went for all black items.

First, there’s the statement boot: I chose to wear my Dr Marten 1460’s, which I first acquired at the start of 2015 and they’re still going strong. The boots are made from vegan leather – that is clearly as sturdy as real leather, seeing as they still look brand new today – and the traditional Dr Marten plastic base that gives me the freedom to crunch across woodland or splash in puddles.

Then, my mock neck jumper: mine is one half of this dainty outfit I received from Two for Joy late last year. I knew it was going to be a wardrobe essential as soon as I got my hands on it because of the thick rib, comfortable fit and smart neckline.

And finally the tights. I like black, opaque tights. They give you the ability to show your leg without having to show your leg; there’s the nice smooth outline without giving too much away. My pair are from an old set I was gifted a few birthdays ago, but once they wear out I’m hoping to replace them with Swedish Stockings.

The verdict

I have to say, I felt lighter on my feet wearing this outfit. It released me from my usual uniform, and gave me the opportunity to be someone else for the day. I’d like to pair it with a white shirt when it gets a little warmer, and see how I can rework it into the beginnings of my capsule wardrobe!

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