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Jova London Joffice Review | Curiously Conscious

Jova London Super Green and Beetroot Salad | Curiously Conscious

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Jova London Wellness Workspace | Curiously Conscious

Jova London - Joffice Coworking Space | Curiously Conscious

Since starting to work for myself in November, I’ve been exploring different co-working spaces around London to see what feels right (other than my kitchen table!). Jova London instantly attracted me with their wellness offering – something I haven’t seen before. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of trying out their affectionately nicknamed the Joffice, and their nutritional food too.

Wellness workspace

Coming in out of the cold, the first thing you notice at Jova is the pleasantly warm air and neatly arranged furniture. Everything has its place; from the yellow chairs and grey blankets propped up outside, to the neatly arranged fridges bursting with colourful, fresh food. There are pops of bright yellow everywhere too – you can tell someone has styled the place to perfection.

Tucked in the basement of Jova is their co-working space. Down the stairs and once the heavy door has slowly shut, you’re suddenly in a peaceful space with an armchair corner, glass-walled meeting room and personal desks. The Joffice experience starts at the concierge’s desk, who will either show you to a desk, or allow you to proceed if you’re a full-time renter to your own reserved desk.

Each booth is equipped with high-speed wifi separate to café customers, two plug sockets and two USB sockets, a desk light, and a clever lockable drawer, meaning you can head upstairs or outside without the worry of your items going missing. There’s also a communal scanner, shredder (both free to use) and a printer (with a small charge per page). I enjoyed working there for an afternoon, where I quickly lost myself in writing – even when the meeting room was being used, I couldn’t hear anything.

Better than homemade

At lunchtime, it was incredibly easy to get food – straight to my desk in fact! Jova London started as a café and has expanded into a workspace, so their food and drink service is top notch.

The wellness factor comes in here – all their meals, juices and 50ml health shots have been created with a professional nutritionist and made by the chef on-site. They use premium ingredients and take great care about their presentation, from the recyclable glass bottles for their range of juices and smoothies, to their snack boxes which contain a juice, shot and energy ball for a lighter option.

While I was there, I enjoyed their super greens and beetroot salad, immune system-boosting pressed berries smoothie, bee pollen, lemon and ginger shot, and a chocolate energy ball. It was a lot (more than I needed!) but all delicious, nutritious, and kept me going for the afternoon.

As an added extra, you can order food with the concierge, and there’s the option of eating it in the armchairs on the opposite side of the office if you want to have a break. It’s definitely a healthier option than eating at your desk!

Alongside Jova’s healthy food, they also run exclusive morning pilates classes in the café area, which has proved popular for those using the office and customers alike.

Bottom line

At the end of the day, I said goodbye to the owners (who are lovely) and headed off to Goodge Street, less than a five minute walk away. I’d had a productive day, a delicious lunch, and I couldn’t have asked for more. As you may have guessed, it’s quite an upmarket workspace – with rates from £7.80 an hour or £65 per day, a day being their opening hours of 8am to 8pm. But if you want the best in food, style and substance in Fitzrovia, it’s definitely the place to go.

You can find Jova London and the Joffice at 69 Charlotte Street, W1T 4PJ. Its nearest tube stations are Goodge Street, Warren Street, Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street.


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