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How To Keep A Clear Mind in The Holidays | Curiously Conscious

Balance. It’s a hard state to achieve, isn’t it? I always imagine standing in the middle of a seesaw whenever the word is mentioned, arms wide trying to stay steady and keep my cool.

I think it’s an especially hard state of mind to achieve at Christmastime – routines get thrown out of whack, the days are short, and the food is rich. I wonder if humans ever hibernated? Because sleep is all I want to do!

I’m pleased to say that this year is the first I’ve truly found myself feeling balanced and happy to have some time off. I’m a bit of a workaholic, and blogging is still as passion as much as it is a job, so to take some time away actually involves a bit of mental preparation too.

As part of the #PerfectBalance series with Yushoi, I’ve been thinking about the ways I’ve found balance, and I realised that no matter how I do it, it all starts by clearing my mind! So, whether you’re a workaholic like me, or an over-indulger (as is expected at this time of year!), I’ve compiled a list detailing the best ways to keep a clear head without having to make too much effort either.

1. Have a moment to yourself

With so much going on at Christmas, it’s hard to find breathing space sometimes. I know that I get grouchy quite easily when I feel like I’m trying to do too many things – and I achieve nothing in the process either! Having a moment to myself is my best way of calming down and clearing my mind. I find focusing on something simple, such as a colouring book* or writing a page in my focus journal helps a heck of a lot.

2. Make a list

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice… Even Santa has to jot everything down! Lists are my number one go-to tool when I’m feeling overwhelmed, and at Christmas there’s a lot to remember. A Christmas card list, a Christmas present list, a list of parties to go to… They’re all positive things in principle, but in practice they can be a bit too much to cope with all at once.

Yushoi Salt & Vinegar | Curiously Conscious

3. Eat well

When it comes to food at Christmas, more is more. The balance that I try to strike is less about salads and counting calories, and more about health and happiness. It’s natural to eat more when it’s cold and dark, so keeping to three square meals sat at a table will help achieve mental balance. For snacks, try a lighter option such as Yushoi’s pea and lentil based snacks, or one chocolate rather than the whole tray!

4. Have a brew

I still insist that the humble cup of tea is Britain’s answer to meditation. A cup tea – black, green, white, or herbal – gives you a five minute break from whatever you are doing, hydrates you, perks you up (if it contains caffeine) and its warmth is so satisfying. And if there’s more than one of you needing to clear your head (like that inevitable family argument!) it can be a communal activity that brings you all together.

I hope you have a stellar Christmas, with a good dose of cosiness and calmness too!

This post is sponsored by Yushoi. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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