Gold-Flecked Nails Tutorial

Gold-Flecked Nails Tutorial | Curiously Conscious

Nailberry Nail Polish in Raspberry | Curiously Conscious
Nautral Nail Polish Tutorial | Curiously Conscious

Christmas is almost here! I’ve been feeling oh so festive in the run up to the big day, and I’ve been looking to add a bit of sparkle to almost everything – including my nails!

This nail design came to me in a flash of inspiration when looking at my (rather tiny) nail polish collection. I wanted to go for a deep, warm berry colour as a base, but I’ve also been obsessed with my Kure Bazaar Or Rose since getting it last month. So… Why not both?!

About the polishes

As my Natural Nail Polish Myth post revealed, you’re going to have trouble searching for a perfectly clean nail polish. That being said, there are brands out there that avoid the most troublesome ingredients such as formaldehyde or toulene. Both Nailberry and Kure Bazaar are brands that specialise in cleaner formulas, and they’re cruelty-free too, which is why I’m using them here.

Kure Bazaar. Started by Brazilian model Kartika Luyet, Kure Bazaar’s polishes are 85% natural, made from potatoes, wheat, cotton and corn. Their range of lacquers are luxe and natural, with pops of metallic and glitter.

NailberryThe brainchild of Sonia Hully, Nailberry’s polishes are bold, bright, and have a focus on nail health too. Their L’Oxygéné range is a luxury breathable nail polish, with the lacquer allowing air to still reach your nails.

If you’re usually a pretty rubbish nail painter (like myself!) this will be a good tutorial for you – all you need are your polishes, and to take it easy with the gold. Trust me, less is more!

Gold-Flecked Nails

You’ll need:

1 x Base Coat/Top Coat – I used Glossworks 3-in-1
1 x Base Colour Nail Polish – I used Nailberry L’Oxygéné in Raspberry
1 x Gold Nail Polish – I used Kure Bazaar in Or Rose

  1. Start by prepping your nails – trim, file, and moisturise
  2. Apply your base coat and wait for it to dry
  3. Apply your base colour – I think a darker colour works best – and leave to dry
  4. Do another layer of your base colour if needed
  5. Now prepare your gold nail polish by brushing off most of the polish on the rim of the pot. You want it to be almost dry, so instead of blobs you get a brush stroke effect
  6. Apply lightly, quickly, and without overthinking. Less is more!
  7. Leave to dry, and then apply a top coat to seal
  8. Voilà!


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