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Hello you! How was your Christmas? I had such a lovely time this year, and I feel smiley just writing this. After a year of hard work, two jobs, then going full-time, it’s been nice to slow down and spend the final week of the year with my family.

After taking the dreaded Christmas train back to my hometown (by that I mean the chock-a-block train two days before Christmas when all Londoners are leaving the city), I was met at the station by my dad, mum and sister. My brother was at home on his computer, obviously. It was a nice way to start the holidays, and I soon fell into pace with everyone. Mum and I natter like there’s no tomorrow when I’m home!

People > presents

That evening I spent time with my uncle and aunty, whom I rarely see, and then slept like a log in the spare room. Christmas Eve was my first full day with everyone, and it was a cosy one with us laying out the “Christmas table” full of snacks and sweets in the living room, and then having a big dinner together.

On the day itself, I found it to be less about the presents, and more about the people. My elderly grandma and step-grandad joined us, bringing their traditional prawn cocktail starter with them, and we enjoyed yet another Christmas Day all together.

The presents though…

That being said, I did enjoy opening my small collection of presents! They were made up of thoughtful picks from the small wishlist I had sent my mum, and a few lovely surprises too. Just as I like to buy less for myself, I asked my family for only three items I wouldn’t necessarily buy but would cherish if I received them. In this age of spend-spend-spend, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to channel my inner Rachel Green and be selective with my gifts!

Investment perfume

As someone into clean beauty products, a bottle of Chloé Eau de Parfum may not seem like an item I’d usually go for. However, I’ve found that no matter how hard I try, natural perfume doesn’t last me throughout the day without top ups and nothing compares to the sweet yet subtle scent of this perfume. I indulged myself by asking for this, and I know it will be a scent I wear until the very last drop! Plus, its dainty bottle and bow make it a classic. Thank you Mum and Dad!

Sustainable speaker

This has been on my radar for quite some time now, so I’m really, really thankful to have received it. Marley is one of the only speaker companies I’m aware of that uses sustainable materials, and their Chant Mini Bluetooth Speaker is a great example of that. The outer fabric is made up of hemp fabric scraps, reclaimed organic cotton fibres and recycled water bottles, while the plastic has natural components, the metal is recycled aluminium and the wood is bamboo. Plus the tiny speaker is rechargeable, looks smart,  and sounds sharp!

Recycled silver earrings

I’m a big fan of Etsy jeweller Wild Fawn; I included them in my ethical jewellery round-up earlier this year, and have both an ear cuff and a helix earring from them already. It’s why they were the perfect place to ask for a pair of statement earrings – they’re high quality, ethically made and sustainably sourced. These geometric statement silver earrings are both minimal and eye-catching, a perfect balance between understated and dressed up.

Closet curation

I’ve had Anushka Rees’ book, The Curated Closet, on my shopping list all year, so it was lovely to receive the book as a present. It’s twice as lovely at this time of year, when I get to curl up in an armchair and read a lot more too!

As you may have guessed, this is a non-fiction book talking all about clothes. I’m hoping I can really curate my style in the next 12 months, and show you a side to my wardrobe you’ve only seen on my Pinterest (full of calm colours, angular cuts and investment pieces), so this will be a great starting place!


Alongside these beautiful gifts, I received a new deep purple nail polish, an abundance of chocolate, a wall calendar and the cutest baby pink bobble hat that I’ll have to show you in an outfit post soon!


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