What’s in My Makeup Bag?

What's in My Makeup Bag? | Curiously Conscious

From Blusher With Love Makeup Bag from Bespoke Verse | Curiously Conscious
Natural Organic Beauty Makeup | Curiously Conscious

It’s been so long since I did a What’s in My Makeup Bag? post! The idea sprung to the front of my mind over the weekend, when I went to Stylist Live and bought the chic-est makeup bag I’ve probably ever owned!

I picked up my From Blusher With Love makeup bag from Bespoke Verse, an independent family-run poetry-themed boutique (whew, so many adjectives). All their items are made in England, which was the seal of approval I needed! It would be great to see them use organic cotton/more natural fibres in their range too.

But, I know you’re really here to find out what’s on the inside of the bag. Here we go…

1. Madara Tinting Fluid

I’ve been playing around with Madara’s Moon Flower Rose Beige Tinting Fluid for a little while now, and I’ve found it’s perfectly suited for a regular work day. It’s what I go to each morning when I’m practically a zombie, yearning for coffee… It’s only the busier days with meetings and events that I go for foundation now.

(FYI Moonflower is for lighter skin tones, and Sunflower is for darker shades).

2. RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up

This is officially the best concealer from RMS. It’s definitely the best I’ve ever owned! This little glass pot of wondrous skin-paint comes with me wherever I go. I can apply it with a brush (see below) or with a clean fingertip, it’s quick and easy to smooth, and it’s the perfect tone to highlight a flat foundation face! Definitely a desert island beauty product.

3. EcoTools Brushes

I cheated in my photos and didn’t show my whole set – you caught me.

I love my EcoTools brushes; I upgraded to their new Prepped For Change set in September, and found these to be even better than before. Each brush has a clear, defined use, although I can’t say I use the little plastic prep pad thingy. The fibres are synthetic and stay put, and the set supports Global Women’s Education too. Kudos.

4. Avril Le Crayon Sourcils

Another staple in my makeup bag. Do eyebrow pencils have a shelf life, considering you sharpen them?

Anyway, I’ve had Avril’s Le Crayon Sourcils for over a year now and it’s still going strong. Especially for three euros!

5. PHB Eye Liner

This is one of those products where you look at it on the shelf and you think, nah, it’s too cheap. I hate the white lid, and PHB’s general branding. There, I said it. But after receiving PHB’s Eye Liner in a Love Lula Beauty Box, I have to say it’s top notch, standing up to my usual favourite Dr. Haushcka eye liner.

The liner lasts all day, even on big 60’s cat eyes like the ones I like to draw.

6. PHB Mascara

Fool me once… It’s the same story here, except at least they went with a silver lid. PHB’s All-In-One Mascara has been a great little addition to my makeup bag, adding volume and length to my eyelashes. Now will somebody please get them a packaging designer?!

7. RMS Beauty Lip Stick

I’m having real trouble stopping myself from wearing this lip stick every day. As soon as anyone mentions an outing, I’ve already got it out along with my compact. RMS’ Wild With Desire Lipstick in RMS Red is my favourite – you can read my full review here.

8. Earth Mother Soul Sister Perfume

I’ve been enjoying Earth Mother Soul Sister’s Perfumes for a few months now, and I think I will be for a few months more! I’ve basically divvied up my favourite four scents between my favourite four handbags, so I’ve always got one to hand throughout the day. Read my full review here.

9. Kure Bazaar Nail Polish

The final chink in my makeup armour! And it really does feel like some kind of iridescent rose gold armour at that: I love my Kure Bazaar Or Rose Nail Polish. I’ve been wearing it for literally two days and while I did feel a bit naked without my usual American Red, they’ve really grown on me. Plus the finish, using a swipe of Glossworks’ 3-in-1 as a base coat and top coat, is super shiny!


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