Uncovering The Secrets in My DNA

Uncovering The Secrets in My DNA | Curiously ConsciousJumpsuit from Pòeme Clothing

Forget your average What’s In My Handbag post, or indeed last week’s What’s in My Makeup Bag post. Today, we’re delving into my genetic makeup!

I’ve been enjoying W Channel’s The Secrets in My Family, a show that has families, orphans, and parents digging into their history to find long lost family members or to uncover a hidden truth.

As an inquisitive soul, I wanted to do a bit of my own research and see what I found out about myself too. After being gifted an Ancestry DNA Kit, I’m happy to say I’ve done some digging – and the results were not what I expected!

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m half English and half Iraqi. My mixed heritage meant I was particularly interested to see what would come of the test. When discussing the test with my mum, she predicted a some Scottish heritage, but she was way off…

The Ancestry DNA Kit

The first few steps of the test were quite simple. You get a smart little box with all the relevant information inside, along with a test tube and a few little pieces needed for the test.

I spent a few days pondering as to whether I should do the kit, because my heritage is something I haven’t fully explored yet. I’ve never met my Iraqi family in person, other than my dad, and who knows what could come of it?

Eventually I bit the bullet because I was too curious. Who may I be related to? And where in the world am I from originally?

The DNA Sample…

…was quite a weird thing to do really! I’ve done blood tests, urine samples, whatever but to spit in a bottle was a new one on me.

After registering my kit online, I took the small test-tube shaped bottle and had to spit up to a certain line on the tube (ew!), and then cover it with the cap.

Once I had my sample, I screwed the tube’s lid on tight, and mixed it up the testing fluid provided. I then sealed it up  in the smaller box that comes with the pack, and off to the Post Office it went!

Results Day

Results came in the form of an email some weeks later. It was a bit like getting exam results back – I was giddy and nervous at the same time. The only daunting thing was knowing that these results are going to be with me for the rest of my life!

And it turns out, I’m more mixed race than I first thought! My known heritage only made up 46% of the results, with a 16% link to Great Britain, and 30% link to the Middle East. So where did the other 54% go?

It turns out, I’m very European! The bulk prediction was that I have an Italian or Greek ancestry, which I would love to lay claim to, but who knows where they came from?

I’ve also got predicted relations in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein, which would be cool seeing as I speak a little French!


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