Finally! The Natural Primer We’ve Been Waiting For

REN Pefect Canvas Primer Review | Curiously Conscious

It’s a question I’m asked a lot: do you know of a good natural beauty primer?

I’ll be frank with you now, it wasn’t until my younger sister showed me her own makeup collection that I even knew what a primer was. Since then, I’ve educated myself to a good standard (chiefly through reading Sali Hughes’ book Pretty Honest*) and I now know what it is and how to use it! However, it’s only now that I’ve discovered a natural version of MAC’s infallible primer.

Why go natural?

The problem with regular priming fluids is that they contain silicones. They’re one of the 25 ingredients I’ve sworn to avoid in makeup products because they’re made to sit on the skin, blocking natural absorption and trapping whatever your skin comes in contact with throughout the day. What I’m saying is: the give you spots. And who wants spots now, really?

A clean canvas

This is where REN Skincare’s Perfect Canvas* comes into its own. It’s the ONLY primer I’ve seen by a natural beauty brand, and since trying it I’ve found it to do exactly what I’m hoping for. Its silky consistency means it’s light and easy to move around my face quickly, and it dries almost instantly leaving me free to apply my foundation on a fresh base (at the moment I’m using Madara Moonflower Tinting Fluid*). I’ve even been wearing it without foundation, as a nice way to finish off my moisturising routine.

Do you need a primer?

The final question, and it’s one I recycle for pretty much everything in my life. Do you need it? Well, it’s not as vital as a good cleanser or moisturiser, but it is a brilliant addition to your makeup bag if you love to wear foundation, and especially if you’re stuck using regular high-street options.


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