Interview: Sara Steele, Organic Hairdresser

Sara Steele, Organic Hairdresser | Curiously Conscious

I’ve been a fan of Sara for ages now, so I’m really happy to be sharing her story as part of my interview series.

Sara Steele is an organic hairdresser and beauty blogger. She was one of the first people I met when I moved to London; we bonded over natural beauty products at an event, and since then we’ve met up multiple times all over the city!

Sara is a staunch vegan and a hair fanatic – you should check out her video tutorials! Since meeting, she and her husband moved to live in Stockholm, in her native country of Sweden. I hope to visit her some point soon, and also soak in some scandinavian culture!

1. What sparked your change to specialising in organic hairdressing?

I ended up interviewing for an organic salon (Jigami) in London over 11 years ago and I thought it goes very well with my ethics of being a vegan so I decided to take the job. From there my passion for natural has grown and learning more about ingredients and different products. I now work in a natural organic salon in Stockholm (Ecohair) that only uses vegetable and herb colours.

2. What natural hairdressing tips do you think everyone should know?

To stay away from plastic brushes. It scratches the scalp and damages the hair. Best option is a wooden brush. And don’t forget to brush the scalp. It stimulates the scalp which helps the hair to grow. It also distributes the natural oils to make your hair more shiny and less dry.

3. Which three beauty products are you loving right now

Wow this one is always so hard to answer:

  1. Rose Argan Oil from Swedish brand Bare Origin. I love argan oil and with this rose scent it can’t go wrong. I also love when products have multiple use.
  2. Hydra Lagoon Overnight Mask from M Picaut, another Swedish brand, it makes my skin feel like brand new in the morning.
  3. I’m all into baths this time of year and just ordered myself another bottle of my favourite Bath Potion from MOA (Modern Organic Apothecary) which is so soothing and perfect for tired and aching products.

4. Who inspires you?

There’s so many great people that inspires me, especially the green beauty community. When it comes to hairdressing my biggest inspirations are Vidal Sassoon and Anne Veck.

5. Do you have anything exciting planned in the near future?

Nothing specific but I’m in the middle of changing up my blog and trying different things to find my new style so that’s very exciting. (Trust me, it looks great!)

Keep up with Sara on her Blog, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.


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