My Favourite Finds at Stylist Live

Stylist Live this year was such a blast! I spent the day running around looking at pretty shiny things, like some kind of woman-magpie hybrid. There were a lot of brilliant people showcasing their businesses (the small business stalls are always my favourite part of the show) and this year, I found there were more ethical brands than I’d seen previously which was the best thing ever.

After speaking to creators and curators alike, I’ve made a shortlist of my favourite finds across the show, and they are all worth a follow!

Soror Studios

Soror Studios at Stylist Live | Curiously Conscious
Soror Studios at Stylist Live | Curiously Conscious

The first stall I stumbled across was Soror Studios. Sussing the name relates to sisterhood, I found upon speaking to the founders that they’re in fact sisters themselves, and they set up the business to represent more female creators. They work with their favourite female independent designers and curate their collection (which is a lust-worthy collection of ceramics, jewellery, fashion and beauty) on their website – I want everything!

I ended up walking away with the cute ceramic booby plate, as a whimsical option to store my jewellery or coins on!


Ermana Skincare at Stylist Live | Curiously Conscious
Ermana at Stylist Live | Curiously Conscious
I have to give Ermana a special shout-out as they were the ones that invited me along to Stylist Live this year. I’m so grateful! I had a lovely – if brief – conversation with Claire, the founder of the business, and she told me they’d had a lot of interest at the show which is great to hear. My current obsession from them is their Tone Balm*, which I love to massage into my legs after showering. My cycling is keeping them toned but also tense, and applying the balm encourages me to give them a little massage!


Suco Sustainabilitees | Curiously Conscious
Suco Sustainabilitee at Stylist Live | Curiously Conscious

One of the most engaging chats I had during the whole event came at Suco Fashion’s stand. They are so on it when it comes to both ethical and sustainable fashion! They understand the importance behind sourcing organic and natural materials, and then treating their workers fairly so they can be proud of both their clothing and their production chain. Their embroidered “sustainabilitees” stood out to me the most, especially after learning they are hand-stitched and take around an hour to do per tee.

Clement & Claude

Clement and Claude at Stylist Live | Curiously Conscious
Clement and Claude soy candles | Curiously Conscious
Other than being attracted like a magnet to Clement & Claude‘s copper shelving unit, I was super happy to discover that all of their hand-poured candles are made with 100% soy (read here why I only ever burn soy candles). They have two styles, their typical brown glass pots, or their gorgeous White Collection, using ceramics made by another UK-based female creator.

Wolf & Moon

Wolf and Moon at Stylist Live | Curiously Conscious
Wolf and Moon Jewellery | Curiously Conscious
My final encounter with pretty little things was at Wolf & Moon‘s stall. Wolf & Moon is a independent jewellery boutique, selling handcrafted pieces created using a laser cutting process. I didn’t get chance to speak with the owner, Hannah Davis, about where she sources her materials from, but I did fall for her bold Mirage Hoop Earrings. I’d build a whole outfit around those…


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