The Organic Edit

The Organic Edit

As Organic September comes to a close, I’ve decided to review just how much of my life is organic. I can find organic items in my wardrobe, my make-up box, my fruit bowl… But is it all actually necessary? And how about you? Are you buying organic because it’s organic, or because you really see the benefits?

In my pantry

When I think of organic, the first thing that comes to mind is fresh fruit and vegetables. Food that isn’t organic is usually sprayed with chemicals. I’ve found that it’s important for my own health to choose organic for foods that are easily susceptible to pesticides, such as thin-skinned apples and tomatoes, or leafy greens. But, even for foods that aren’t as susceptible (such as the clean fifteen) can be affected by the soil they’re grown in, and the wildlife that the pesticides affect.

Why I buy it: It’s better for my body, and for wildlife.

Best buys: Try starting with swapping out the dirty dozen, as well as juices and purées.


In my wardrobe

Have you considered how many of your clothes are made with natural fibres? My dream is to one day own a wardrobe wholly made of natural materials, from cotton to wool, bamboo to linen. Natural fibres are often better for your skin, more breathable, and also better for the planet. But organic fibres are better still: they reduce harsh exposure to chemicals for the raw material workers and the environment. I’m seeing organic cotton become a popular choice, but what about the rest?

Why I buy it: It’s better for the workers, and for the environment.

My best buys: Beaumont Organic sweatshirt, Know The Origin dress, THTC t-shirt

In my cleaning cupboard

Cleaning greenly is probably the easiest thing to do out of the bunch. It’s important to be choosing natural ingredients in your cleaning products as you’re going to be breathing these in, getting them on your skin, and more generally being exposed in the home. You could make your cleaning products from scratch, using castile soap, bicarbonate of soda, and vinegar as bases, and add organic essential oils for scent. Or, if you don’t have the time (like me!) try organic certified items – try Planet Organic or larger supermarkets.

Why I buy it: It’s better for my home and my body.

My best buys: Greenscents laundry liquid*, Greenscents washing up liquid*.

In my beauty bag

The final place to look is in my beauty bag, and there’s some really important switches going on here. First is deodorant – this is so important, as you’re applying it to your skin in a place that absorbs directly into your bloodstream. Then there’s skincare and makeup, which sits on your face all day! I’ve switched over to only using natural products, and organic where possible. I like to buy these online from Lovelula, as I don’t have to check the ingredients as much as a general beauty store!

Why I buy it: It’s better for my skin, and it’s usually cruelty-free too.

My best buys: Green People probiotic deodorant, La Eva lotion


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