Minimal New Room Tour

New Room Tour - Bed

It’s been seven days since I moved in to my new home, and I already feel settled and so damn happy! It’s like I’ve emerged from my old dingy basement flat and found myself in a bright, airy room with white walls and a window that actually opens!

Despite the realisation that I was basically living in squalor despite that lush parquet flooring (no dishwasher, no tumble dryer, no real ventilation…) I have brought along with me a minimal amount of furnishings from my old place. The weekend I packed up my room, I spent the day listening to the audiobook version of Marie Kondo’s The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up and while parts were hard to understand in audio form (see: folding) there was a certain rigour to the whole process. Marie is ruthless! I found myself holding pairs of socks in either hand, wondering if either brought me joy (the answer being yes to all that don’t have holes…)

New Room Tour - Counter
On the counter: Madara Micellar Water*, Madara Daily Defence Cream*, REN Perfect Canvas*, EMSS Organic Perfume*

Of the items set out in my room, one of my favourites is my ferah blanket* from Buy Me Once. It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime item: made from natural linen by small family artisans for Luks Linen, it’s a heavy, warm cloth that’s perfect for throwing over chairs, my bed, or even myself when it’s a bit chilly! Luks Linen also offers a 20-year guarantee, meaning if it starts to fall apart they can advise on the best ways to repair or replace the blanket. Many of the hand-picked items on the Buy Me Once website also feature similar guarantees, and they’re made to a high standard, reducing consumerism and increasing the longevity of the joy of owning them.

Despite it only being one week on (not quite 20 years!), I do have a room that really does bring me joy. It’s full of furnishings I love, and there’s also space for me to explore the mini interior designer in me… Ladder shelving units are next on the list!


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