Post-Festival Beauty Rituals

Festival Beauty Rituals

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Upon getting back from Green Man Festival, I’ll be honest I really wasn’t feeling my best! I actually ended up quite ill hence my social hiatus, but I’ve bounced back from that now (phew!)

In order to get my skin back on track too, I’ve been enjoying a few new natural products that have recently landed on my beauty counter. My skin has been dull since subjecting it to the elements – let’s be honest, a little too much glitter paint as well – so I decided to start with a wash and get down to some serious skin reviving.

Bath salts

The first thing I did when I got back from Green Man was run myself a hot, hot bath. I’d practically been dreaming about baths by the end, and I filled my bath with nothing more than hot water and Epsom Salts*. I’ve got a few kilos of epsom salts stored under my sink for times like these, and it felt so good to relax away all the mud and grit… The only danger was falling asleep in the bath!

Face mask

Once I’d woken up a bit, I applied my current mask of choice: Arbonne’s Rescue & Renew Detox Face Mask*. It’s so well presented, coming in quite a large tube with a faux-wood lid, and it is so smooth to apply too. The mask has a pink clay base, keeping it cool and soft when applied with fingers, and it dries slowly over the 10-15 minute waiting time without causing too much tightness or redness. When I washed it off with warm soapy water I was left with soft, happy skin.


In order to keep up the intensely-hydrated skin, I’ve been dabbling with Madara’s Daily Defence Cream* for both my face and body since the festival. It’s thick, creamy formula has kept the dryness on my face at bay, and also helped reduce a small outburst of razor burn on my legs.


Now, I know it’s not strictly a post-festival beauty item, but I loved using my Botanicals Organic Hand Sanitiser* at the festival so much that it’s now a handbag essential for me. London can be a pretty dirty place too, y’know!


The final piece in my armoury is my eco-friendly toothbrush. It’s more of an essential than a ritual to brush my teeth, but I found wooden toothbrushes to be a good step away from plastic. They’re a little softer than the plastic variety, but most contain charcoal in the bristles to naturally absorb and clean teeth and my mouth does feel clean and fresh after using my one.


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