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Best Ethical Magazines
In my day job, I work in a design agency. It’s an often challenging environment, but the satisfaction you get from seeing an idea come to life is so great. We’re lucky in that we still get projects that involve printing (despite it being a dying industry) and it’s clear that print is becoming more and more luxe, with only the best projects warranting physical realisation.

I have the same attitude with magazines too. My favourites listed below come in both digital and print formats, but there’s something so satisfying about picking up a copy from a shelf in the stationers, or finding my subscription on the doormat when I get in. The excitement is tangible! If you are to choose a magazine to read, these are really worth your time…

Ethos Magazine

Just like their slogan “Good Stories. Good People. Good Business.”, Ethos focuses on the bright sparks of the good business world. For anyone looking for inspiration in their start up, new sustainable fashion line, or just want to discover better alternatives, it’s a great magazine to read through – both digitally or in print!


It’s the slow living community’s favourite, and I have to say despite shelling out £12 for one copy (it’s produced in Portland, USA), I adore the time and consideration that has been put into every page of Kinfolk. It’s a perfect antidote from the usual sell-sell-sell magazines, instead focusing on good people and their stories.

Oh Comely

For something a little closer to home, there’s Oh Comely. It’s the last magazine I’ve discovered in the classic way, by scouring the shelves at WHSmith and laying my hands on the soft outer cover; immediately, I was hooked. I’m now a subscriber (a Christmas gift from my mum) and I love the way I can dive into the articles, comics, and thought pieces whether I have a snippet of time or a full hour.


Glamour is the closest thing I have to a guilty pleasure mag, and yet I don’t feel guilty about reading it! Having attended their Women of the Year Awards this year, I was so inspired by the recognition amazing women across media and entertainment they were giving. Their magazine is similar, showcasing women from all walks of life with glowing stories and a more realistic portrayal of them too.

Selva Beat

I discovered Selva Beat a few months ago when looking up ways of living palm oil-free, and I fell a little bit in love. I adore the way they couple environmentalist themes with sharp writing and bold graphics, showing that it doesn’t matter your style, you can always be green!


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