How to: Evening Red Lip Look

Natural Beauty Red Lip Look

It’s time for a sporadic makeup tutorial! (Every time I use that word I think of Clueless, ah what a film). I went to a friend’s leaving do on the weekend and got to put together a few new natural beauty products into an evening look that matches dramatic eyes with a red lip. What do you think? If you’d like to recreate the look, read on…


I went for my old favourites when applying my foundation: I feel like I’ve perfected a mattified skin by using my EcoTools Stippling Brush and Ere Perez Oatmilk Foundation* (mine is in Light/Medium). I apply it by adding a little to the centre of the brush, and stippling it around my face, trying to thin it out along the way.

For any blemishes, I also cover these with a dab of RMS Beauty “Un” Cover Up* using EcoTools Flat Concealer Brush. The product has great staying power when applied with a brush.


I love my bushy eyebrows, but for this look I combed them into a more neat style and fill in any gaps with Avril Le Crayon Sourcils. I do this in light, long sweeps so as to mimic eyebrow hairs rather than a more solid look.


I primed my eyes by also using RMS Beauty “Un” Cover Up* and my concealer brush. I like to keep them shiny and light so as to accentuate the dark liner more. Speaking of liner, I’ve been loving PHB’s Pure Liquid Liner* – it’s the best liner I’ve found in terms of brush, which can draw from thin to thick lines with ease. I did have to prune the brush when it first arrived with tweezers, so make sure there’s no straggly bits if you buy one.

Once the liner dried, I used a regular eyelash curler from the base to the tip of my top eyelashes, and then applied PHB All-in-One Mascara* which pairs well with the liner. It’s a new product for me, and I found the wand was good for separating lashes and adding length.


Finally, the pièce de résistance! My lips come courtesy of Bellapierre’s Mineral Lipstick* in the shade Envy. It gives a really deep cherry colour, with a soft shine and no glitter. I applied the lipstick straight from the bullet (I can’t be doing with too many brushes!) and can then easily touch it up when I’m out and about, although it only really needs that after eating food.


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