Sunday Reads VII

Bicycle - Line Drawing

It’s official, I’ve becoming bicycling crazy. Since having my old bike sent down to me in London, I’ve really taken to commuting to and from work every day, and I feel like I have a whole new identity… Step aside, eco-friendly public transport user; there’s a new fresher-faced fitness-first cyclist in town!

After three weeks of enjoying London on two wheels, I signed up for #RideLondon, and took part in their free cycling course yesterday. It was a blast! The route is non-competitive, and gave cyclists all over London the opportunity to sightsee on traffic-free roads. It was bliss, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Perhaps next year I’ll be up for the 100-mile ride instead…

So, as a start to this week’s Sunday Reads, I’ve listed a few bike-themed articles. There’s also a great piece on the rise of bread, and to celebrate my blog’s third anniversary (yes, today!) I’ve revamped my Seasonal Produce Calendar.

The Ethical Shopping Guide to Bikes

This was sent to me after I asked on Twitter whether there are any ethical bicycle companies out there. Having put my old bike into good use, the only new item I’ve bought so far is a D-lock to keep my bike safe. This guide from Ethical Consumer rates bike brands (and highlights the few still manufacturing in the UK), making it a great tool for any conscious cyclists.

Tesco Lifts Tampon Tax

It’s a sorry state of affairs when you have to rely on a private company to look after periods. Either way, I’m happy to see that someone has stepped in to relieve tampon tax, and hopefully this will mean all women have access to sanitary products. If you ask me, a Mooncup is the way to go…

How Healthy Is Bread?

Get the Gloss delved into the world of bread, and restored its status as a kitchen staple (healthy or otherwise). Find out which you should be eating, and why it’s not as bad as you may think.

Life Beyond Screens…

Does it exist? I enjoyed reading this thought-piece on Into the Fold, and seeing how human interaction started “IRL” still goes beyond anything social media can provide. Be nice, strike up a conversation with someone once in a while.

Seasonal Produce Calendar

Finally, you can now discover what’s in season, any time of the year, in my updated collection of posts. I’ve listed the freshest fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs in the UK for each month right here.


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