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La Eva - Organic Skincare Review

La Eva - Natural Beauty
La Eva - Blu Lotion

Since returning from my Cretan holiday, I’ve been a lot more carefree with my skin and I’m really enjoying it. It’s nice to feel confident with the skin you have – something I’ve rarely felt – but for the past two weeks I’ve been wearing minimal makeup and using this light, multi-use lotion from La Eva. It’s been enjoyable to be comfortable in the way my skin looks and feels without the need for covering it up.

Secret skincare

I’ve got to admit, I’ve been hiding away this bottle for when the summer rolled around, as it’s both light and intense. The first time I came across La Eva was at Fare Healthy earlier in the year, and I spoke to the founder about her young natural beauty brand with some excitement – it was a really lovely moment to see just how much care and attention had been put in, shown through the beautiful packaging and Soil Association organic certification.

On the day, I picked up the Blu Lotion over the more floral Roseum line. As I mentioned, it has quite a powerful, masculine scent, especially when using it in the small confines of my bathroom. It must come from the unique blend of chamomile blue flower oil, cedarwood, and vetivert – giving it an eccentric twist.

One for all

The benefit of this one brown bottle is that you can use it everywhere – face, neck, body, head to toes it works. It was designed to do just that, and you know I’m a sucker for anything minimalist so I had to have it. Their simple ethos, alongside the glass bottle, gives a feeling of permanence and respect for the earth.

Alongside the Blu Lotion is an organic body wash as well, but I’m yet to try that. I imagine it’s also an intense, soothing experience – if you’ve tried it, let me know.

The other special thing about La Eva is their story; based in Oxfordshire, the brand was born from artisans creating cold process soap, who turned their art to simple, effective lotions and body washes. I love their bold style, and I also understand they will be opening their doors to visitors to see how we work in the near future – count me in for a visit!


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