Summer Break Beauty Picks

Natural Beauty for a City Break

I like to travel light. This goes for my makeup too; I’ll usually take just enough for one simple style, with an option to switch it up from day to night (a good eyeliner or lipstick is enough).

Over last weekend I stayed with my sister in Paris (you can read more from our trip here) and found out we’re polar opposites when it comes to packing – she took multiple jackets, tops, shoes, and a huge makeup bag with her. Now, while I wouldn’t swap to lugging that much heavier case around, I have to say, she did look lovely the whole trip and her makeup is always flawless.

Either way, I think there are a few city break essentials every traveller needs, and I’m so happy to say that natural beauty is now an all-encompassing option! Here’s what I took with me for my long weekend:

Esse Probiotic Moisturiser

I’m still enjoying trying Esse’s probiotic moisturiser in the form of teeny tiny samples. Paris was so humid during our trip so I only used this before bed, and it worked really well as a lighter night cream.

Balance Me BB Cream SPF25

This was my favourite item in my makeup bag over the weekend! Balance Me’s BB Cream has both UVA and UVB protection (read more about why both sun-protection factors are important here), gives a light and non-greasy tint to my skin and is of course natural. I applied it using my EcoTools Stippling Brush which makes it super quick and easy to do evenly.

Ere Perez Concealer

For unexpected blemishes, I took my Ere Perez Arnica Concealer. This is usually quite sticky, but with the little added heat of the day, it was simple to apply and goes well under the BB Cream.

Benecos Mascara

Benecos is a relatively new brand to me, but I’ve really been enjoying their Super Long Lash Mascara, chiefly because it smells as natural as its ingredients. I’ve found this to be a really good option for the daytime, with more intense mascaras such as Ere Perez Volumising Mascara for the evening.

Avril Brow Liner

Avril’s Le Crayon Sourcils is the opposite – a long-term beauty love of mine, it’s organic, works well and is cheap too. Having now learnt how to apply this in short, light strokes in my eye brows, I wouldn’t go on holiday without it, or even leave the house.

Dr. Hauschka Eye Liner

I’m really due to buy a new one of these, and I have to say I’m afraid to try anything other than Dr. Hauschka’s Eye Liner from now on! The liner is smooth to apply and long-lasting, which is the hallmark of any good natural product for me.

Albus & Flora Lip Balm SPF30

Another new brand to me, but one I really like for both the product and its aesthetics. Albus & Flora’s Mountain Rose Lip Balm is my favourite day-time lip product – it’s nourishing and gives just a hint of colour and shine too.

Walden Perfume

The final part of my surprisingly small beauty bag were my Walden Natural Perfume samples! These came along with my last Love Lula offer, so I’d be interested to know if you’ve received them with your orders too – they’re so small, perfect for carrying around and applying during the day, which is much needed in hotter weather.


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