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My Spa SecretsI love a good day out to the spa. Who doesn’t? I feel like once you’ve discovered the wonders of relaxing to soft music with a massage, facial, or scrub, there’s no going back. Over the last few occasions I’ve been to the spa, I’ve also found that there’s a certain etiquette to derobing, resting, and generally looking after your skin and hair. I’ve put together this little guide with treatments at Champneys in mind, and for anyone who may be contemplating their first or next visit!

1. Pack light

If you’re visiting for a spa treatment rather than staying at a hotel, you’ll probably be storing your personal items in a locker so wear light clothing, and bring only the essentials with you. Every spa I’ve visited has given me a robe and towel, but sometimes not footwear so remember to bring a pair of flipflops too!

2. Take a light wash

Just like the pool, it’s good to come to the spa with good hygiene. I go about my usual morning shower before heading to the spa, but if you use any harsh products, avoid these on the day – I’m talking exfoliants, scrubs, scrubbing brushes/gloves, and stronger products like anti-dandruff shampoo. Your skin will be taking a little more than it’s used to at the spa so light washing only.

3. Loosen your hair

If you’ve got long hair like me, don’t try to overcomplicate it before your visit. I like to swim with my hair plaited as it stays in place well, but this tension in your head will not help you to relax, and your masseur will 100% take your hair out as soon as you lay back.

4. Be happy about your body

Okay, I know this is a big ask – sometimes it’s a daily battle to feel happy about my own body. But masseurs have seen all different body types, and trust me, there is never any judgement. I have skin issues that I used to be really anxious about, and I would hate going to the pool or beach let alone the spa, but that’s what spas are for. If anything, your masseur may give you tips on how to alleviate any issues you’re having!

5. Don’t eat too close to your session

Trust me, a massage or rest in the steam room is no fun if you’re digesting. I always try to book my appointment mid-morning or mid-afternoon to avoid mealtimes. Staying hydrated is another story – drink lots of water, it’s great for your skin in general!

5. Ask for a tour

If you want one, that is. I usually like to know what’s available (sauna, steam, pool, jacuzzi, etc.) and sometimes there are little extras you’ll learn on your way round, such as a secluded rest room, where to get ice water, and if there’s a circuit – usually there is!

6. Meet your masseur

I really enough speaking to my masseur before my spa treatment. They’ll explain a little about the treatment, the products they’re using, and also what you need to do. I always find it makes me relax more once we’ve broken the ice, and I can lay in a room for an hour with someone looking after my body.

7. Drift away

The soft music, dim lights, and gentle hands are all designed to make you relax. I really enjoy letting my mind wander away while my body is unwinding, sometimes drifting between sleep and back again. On my first trip, I found it hard to let myself go mentally, but it’s a really great feeling being warm, comfortable, and massaged.

8. Rest afterwards

This is especially true if you are going for an hour-long session, or trying something a little different like a massage and then a plunge pool! After your treatment, take time to put your swimming costume and robe back on, and go lie on a recliner for a while. You may feel some inertia, like waking up, afterwards and it’s nice to extend your resting period until your body wakes up fully.

This post is sponsored by Champneys Health Spa.


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