Sunday Reads IV

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Hello Sunday. I’ve had a frantic week of frustrations (sigh) but found a small window of time on Saturday to go over the articles that have got me thinking and really stayed with me in some of the tough professional and personal situations I’ve been in. Forget twiddling our thumbs, we have fake feminism to battle and a sustainable revolution to uphold…

The Era of the Hypocritical Feminist Boss

This piece in Broadly has been playing on my mind this week, and even more so when Theresa May said she would be a “bloody difficult woman” to European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker. The phrase made me blush with anger – bloody difficult she may be, based on the UK’s forthcoming exit from the EU, but a bloody difficult woman? The qualifier really got to me, and doesn’t do much in the way of framing women in a good light for positions of power.

Will Generation Z clean up the fashion industry?

The Guardian’s focus piece on fashion revolution week was a good one, covering all bases from Emma Watson’s ethical couture to British independents taking up the ethical fashion reigns. While it may be a “tiny chink of light” for the fashion industry, there are some die-hard supporters out there (*cough cough*).

Why aren’t ethical fashion brands catering to plus-size?

It’s a toughie, and the answer is probably something you can already deduce. With ethical fashion still being a niche in itself, brands are finding it hard to cater to all sizes. Read more on Refinery 29.

Wellbeing in the workplace: five top tips

Positive Luxury put together a list of five top tips to stay well and happy while at work. What I liked about the piece more than it being quite click-bait-y was the fact that it highlighted opportunities for employers to nurture their staff too, and the brands that already do.

Meet the ethical fashion bloggers…

The lovely Xandra Jane featured me in their recent #XJBloggerWeek, which was an honour. Check out top ethical fashion and lifestyle tips from myself and other brilliant bloggers in the article.


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