My Newest Beauty Discoveries

New Natural Beauty Discoveries

Green People Scent Free Deodorant

This month’s new products all happen to live in my bathroom, so I thought a glimpse into my bathroom cabinet was in order! As always, these products are made with predominantly natural ingredients, and come from some wonderful independent brands.

Green People’s Scent Free Deodorant

Three years into natural beauty foraging, and I’m yet to find a better deodorant than Green People’s natural roll-ons*. They do everything I want a deodorant to do: easy to apply, prevent odour, and keep my delicate underarms happy. Even better, since Green People’s 20th Birthday just last month, they have joined Love Lula, which is great as it’s my main place to buy natural beauty.

The Soap Co.’s Soap Pebble

I love a good scrub. Actually, I’m not sure if I’ve ever expressed quite how much – I don my little scrubby gloves every time I shower! There’s nothing better than freshly exfoliated skin, so I was excited to give The Soap Co.’s newest invention a try: their Soap Pebble*.

The pebble is made with sheep’s wool from Lake District and handcrafted to cocoon a soap bar enriched with cocoa butter, olive oil and coconut oil. It makes quick exfoliation in the shower easy, is not too abrasive nor too soft, and does away with plastic alternatives such as my usual gloves. And for those of you wondering – the wool doesn’t shed very easily, meaning no blocked baths.

The Soap Co Soap Pebble

Walden Natural Perfume Castles in the Air

Walden’s Castles in The Air Perfume

I may have only just reviewed (and raved about) my last natural perfume discovery, but another one came knocking on my door and I had to have it! Walden Natural Perfumes takes its name from Henry David Thoreau’s eponymous book. The perfumes share their natural scents and clarity with Thoreau’s work, and Castles in The Air* is no exception, with a blend of tropical and lavender scents.

Giovanni’s L.A. Hold Hair Spritz

While I haven’t yet had chance to give this a real go, I’m excited to have finally found a relatively priced natural hair spray that could compete with Elnett. Giovanni’s Hair Spritz* promises a hard hold all day with one of the cleanest ingredients lists out there.

Esse’s Probiotic Skincare

My final find could be a game changer in my skincare routine. Last Spring I devoured The Microbiome Solution, a book that taught me about the power of bacteria – good and bad – and the effect it has on the body. One year later and I’ve discovered a natural skincare brand that has been harnessing the power of probiotics: Esse.

My first foray into the brand has been through their Trial Pack* which includes their Sensitive Cleanser, Hydro Moisturiser for normal/oily skin and Nourish Moisturiser for dry skin. The moisturisers glide on and have a short-lived scent that I love, and my skin loves too. I’m yet to see massive things for my skin (since winter ended my redness has faded, and the odd breakout is always down to stress or stress eating) but I’ll keep you posted.

Esse Trial Pack


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