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Natural Perfume Review

Earth Mother Soul Sister Perfumes

Natural perfume has come a long way. When I first moved to natural beauty it was the one item I really struggled with – natural perfumes just don’t sit that long on your skin because they’re so pure and easily absorbed!

Since then, I’ve found rollerball scents from Sinne Firenze, used Coconut Oil as a hands-on substitute, and discovered that there is an answer – grain alcohol-based perfumes. And with that, I think I’ve found my new favourites: six fine fragrances from Earth Mother Soul Sister*.

To all the picky girls out there, this is the perfect set. I went for Box 2 with the following fragrances: Sandalwood, Neroli & Mandarin, Spice Silver Fir, Geranium & Bergamot, Orange & Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang & Jasmine. These Six grain-alcohol based fragrances cover every occasion; from fresh and sweet for work (try Orange & Patchouli)  to soft and sultry for the evening (Sandalwood), they come all in one box.

The story of Earth Mother Soul Sister is just as sweet and stylish as their perfumes. Set up by sisters Rachel and Joanna, their aim has been to combine organic living with a modern design aesthetic.

Their boutique offers everything from perfume to skincare, candles to bodycare, and all are certified organic by the Soil Association.

Their ethos is another example of combining natural beauty with wellbeing, and how skincare rituals and scents can bring a brief kind of peace no matter where you are. Considering the small (5ml) vials in this set, I really can carry my scents around all day…

Organic Natural Perfume Review


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