An Evening with Gather & See

Ethical Fashion - Gather and See

Komodo Jumper

Matt and Nat Sandals

Gather and See Pop-Up Event

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the people behind Gather & See, the sustainable fashion boutique whose newsletters make me swoon every time they hit my inbox.

Their pop-up event was an opportunity to meet and mingle with brilliant people involved in the ethical fashion industry, from the founders of Riyka, to the women behind ethical fashion blog What’s Your Legacy. In talking to them and flicking through the rails of beautifully made pieces, I had a realisation: all this time, I’ve combined ethical fashion with a minimalist lifestyle, only buying what’s needed, what’s necessary… but ethical fashion can also be fun!

Back to basics

In my upcoming “What’s in my wardrobe?” post – it’ll be with you next week, keep a look out! – you’ll see how my approach to clothes has always been stripped back, with some really lovely investment pieces but somehow always basic, whether it’s their block colours, complementary colours, or simple styles.

When I was gliding through the pieces Gather & See had set out at their pop-up, I started to see how choosing to choose ethically made pieces isn’t a sacrifice – it’s actually more exciting to find an item that speaks to you, makes you feel good wearing it, and demonstrates your morals too.

Gather and seek…

That being said, G&S stocks some premium pieces, so it may be worth visiting their online shop with a vision in mind. My favourite premium ethical fashion brands that they stock include bright and breezy Cus, vegan leather brand Matt & Nat, and my latest obsession, MUD Jeans.

Of one thing I can be certain: the quality of the items selected for the G&S boutique really are worth it. Going further than ethics and aesthetics, I enjoyed running my hands over the range of high quality fabrics and unique designs on their rails and I can even vouch for them personally; I picked up my favourite silver sandals from G&S last year and they’re still in great condition.



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