A Weekend in Paris

Besma in Paris

Coiffure Paris
Walking through Paris

YW Photographer in Paris

Ile Saint Louis Paris

As you may have gathered from my recent peppy posts on Twitter and Instagram, I spent the long weekend in Paris. Ah, Paris. It’s my favourite place on the small amount of earth I’ve tread, and it seems to be the city that never changes; the same Haussmann buildings, the same sunshine, the same easy pace.

Over the few days I stayed in Montparnasse with my wonderful sister, who invited me along to celebrate her birthday (happy birthday Yas!). In return I gave her a tour of all my favourite places and got to enjoy it all too!

If you’re planning on going away to the city any time soon, I’d recommend looking through my list of favourite spots, or feel free to send me a message on the platform of your choosing – I lived there for one of the best years of my life and would be happy to help!

For the rest of this week, I’ll be posting my city-break beauty essentials, and also potentially showing off a new ethical outfit or two… stay tuned!


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